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Bryan Waller, president of JaniSource in Marietta, spoke to the Wood County Commission on Monday about a business park development he is interested in doing outside of Williamstown near I-77. (Photo by Brett Dunlap)

PARKERSBURG — A developer is looking to create a shopping complex outside of Williamstown.

Bryan Waller, president of JaniSource in Marietta, appeared before the Wood County Commission on Monday to discuss his development ideas near Williamstown on Interstate 77.

“We need good jobs here in the Central Ohio Valley,” Waller said.

He has done business with many large industrial operations in the area and knows that many such jobs have left the area due to closures over the years. He estimates that the Mid-Ohio Valley has lost thousands of manufacturing jobs.

“I would love to get high tech jobs here,” Waller said he’s also considering possible light manufacturing or high-end office operations.

Waller owns about 120 acres and believes about 80 acres would be available for development once the hill is leveled.

“Office, retail and manufacturing space would be great,” Commission Chairman Blair Couch said the commission would support the project in any way possible and put him in touch with people he needed to talk to about the water service and other Questions.

“We would like someone to come there and we would support them”, he said.

County officials said local development officials were trying to set up a Cabela’s store there, but a deal could not be reached.

Waller wants to make a nice restaurant or convenience store down the hill to kick off the project that could take advantage of traffic along Interstate 77 from Ohio or from West Virginia.

Officials said a road would need to be made to access the developable land at the top of the hill. Waller estimates he would need about a 400 to 500 foot route.

“It wouldn’t take that much to get up there” he said.

Waller told local development officials about the project and went around talking to different people.

There has been a need in the area for buildings of 50,000 to 100,000 square feet with municipal city/sewer access.

Waller has expressed interest in creating a tax increment funding district, like the one set up for the Emerson Commons development.

The commission offered any regulatory assistance and they could look into the project to see if they would be able to help fund some aspect of it or help find federal and state funds that could be used. for the access road.

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