When will Manistee de Fricano open?


Ted Fricano said he plans to open a new Fricano restaurant, “Fricano’s Manistee River” in late fall, in an interview with the News Advocate. However, he does not have an exact date at the moment but the plan is for the end of the fall. Fricano purchased the property at 440 River Street, the former site of the Boathouse Grill on January 28. Since then it has undergone extensive renovations. Fricano said he plans to completely redo the building’s facade and had already gutted much of the interior since spring.

“This property is the gateway to the city via the river,” said Fricano, stressing the importance of the location.

He also plans to renovate the bridge, to accommodate 200 people. With the current seats inside and its intentions to expand the terrace, the new restaurant will have a capacity of 350 people. He also plans to purchase 60 feet of property west of the current site, up to the marina. He also has an agreement with the Elks to use part of the property east of what will be Fricano’s so that he has a little more space.

Fricano had requested a District Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act to surround the property, from Manistee City Council, which they approved in October. This meant that Fricano and TCF Bank could apply for a tax exemption that would freeze the assessed value of the property from one to 12 years, as determined by Manistee city council. This gave Fricano a tax incentive to be able to rehabilitate the building.

Funding for the project comes from the Shelby State Bank.

Marc Miller, director of economic development at the Manistee region chamber of commerce, said the Fricano “builds on a positive dynamic” of (global gradual change) in Manistee for entrepreneurs and other businesses to come to Manistee. He also said that “Ted should be celebrated for investing in a project, where he put more money into this property than he was worth when he bought it” and that he appreciates the work done to completely redevelop a building that “both the state and town of Manistee recognize as a ‘Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act district” (OPRA) and help revitalize the city center.

Fricano said that when he bought the property he made a promise to the town of Manistee and he intends to keep it. “I will not disappoint the town of Manistee. I have promised to make the property beautiful, welcoming and warm … and it will be,” Fricano said.

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