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“We are doubling the size (of the grocery store),” he said. “It’s a good feeling. I think the city and KABA understand that this is a good project for this neighborhood because (the residents of Uptown) hardly have (nowhere) to get their products. It was the only place they could actually get it.

Alejo said the grocery store will continue to offer Mexican dishes, but will also have more options offering fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, cold cuts and hot options. As before, the grocer would also continue to offer bill payment and money transfer services to its customers, both nationally and internationally.

Wessling Grosz said the need for more groceries existed after the closure of the old Pick ‘n Save, a 55,000 square foot supermarket in the Brass area south-east of Uptown, four years ago. years.

La Estrella grocery store, which operated 4,500 square feet on this block, began selling some of the produce and meats that were not available in the immediate area. “They were starting to have a pretty solid business on this block because of the density of this neighborhood,” said Wessling Grosz. “And it’s actually a more accessible place on foot than the old Pick ‘n Save, more accessible.”

AWG potential supplier

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Wessling Grosz said the business plan and layout of the grocery store was presented to Associated Wholesale Grocers, a company with a strong presence in Kenosha. AWG, with its more than 700,000 square foot warehouse located at 60th Street, south of the H Freeway, employs approximately 500 to 600 people.



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