Two Barrington restaurants want to start serving alcohol


After surviving a tough year for the industry, two restaurants in Barrington are considering getting liquor licenses.

One is Twisted Burger, 228 W. Northwest Highway, a family run restaurant that wants to serve wine and beer.

The other is Egg Harbor Cafe, 125 W. Main St., which plans to serve alcoholic cocktails.

The village council on Monday evening approved the addition of two liquor permits to the total allowed within the village limits. This was to meet Twisted Burger’s demand for a Class 1-B license, which allows the sale and service of beer and wine for on-site consumption, and a Class 2-B license, which allows the sale. beer and wine for off-premises consumption. .

Village staff said they were awaiting an application from Egg Harbor Café for a Class 1-A license, which would allow the sale and service of alcohol to be consumed on site.

The owner of Twisted Burger did not respond to requests for comment. An employee said the restaurant is eager to serve alcohol to customers.

Egg Harbor Cafe wants to serve alcoholic drinks like Bloody Marys and mimosas that will pair well with the restaurant’s breakfast and lunch menu, manager Tim Best said.

Egg Harbor Cafe’s Lake Forest location was the first to start serving alcohol, followed by Schaumburg, he said. The model has been so successful that sometimes customers walk into Barrington Restaurant in the hopes of finding alcohol, he said.

After getting over the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of some valuable employees, things are currently feeling “really good,” Best said.

“I see more and more regulars coming back every day, having seen them calling and taking orders all this time. This is one of the greatest feelings I have had, I can tell you, as a as manager. “

Best said he worked at various Egg Harbor cafes for 11 years and this was his second stint at Restaurant Barrington, located in the heart of downtown. “It’s a family run restaurant. For me it’s just a pleasure to work with and work with. You feel like you are part of something bigger.”

The two restaurants in Barrington received commercial loans under the Federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to records.


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