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“Most of the customers are understanding, but there are a few who forget that we are all human,” she said. “Over the years, I feel like I have grown and handled these experiences with more grace. Some of the most unexpected and stressful situations, when handled properly, turn into the most loyal and repeat customers. “

The past year has been crazy for Cobb. It has doubled its volume to $ 100 million in 462 units, and all this at a time when Supreme Lending has gone 100% remote, paperless and electronic. But as much as she would like to exceed that volume, work-life balance remains her top priority. Cobb’s goal this year would be to consistently close somewhere around $ 75 million and 350-400 units.

“A mentor once said to me, ‘If it was easy, everyone would do it.’ I repeat this phrase to myself about once a week, it seems, ”she said. “This business is a roller coaster! There are good months, and then there are not such good months. Sometimes it is even difficult to take advantage of the good months because you wonder what the next month will bring. You have to truly love what you do every day to be successful in this dynamic industry. I feel like my clients, assistants, and processors can all hear in my voice whether I’m having a good day, a busy day, or a bad day. You have to want to have a good day every day – and people will feel it.

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“If you’re consistent in how you treat every customer, staff, and situation, success will follow. I am my heart – if it works, then keep doing it. If something doesn’t work, change it. I control every day and every situation. It is therefore up to me to continue to move my business in the right direction. Oh, and save your money. When you have amazing months, less amazing months will follow. Be consistent in your savings and spending so you don’t get overwhelmed during the less productive months. If you don’t care about the money, you can focus more on your business to get back to the better months.



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