Toftrees Resort owners are planning a major redevelopment


Toftrees Golf Resort, 1 Country Club Lane, pictured August 18, 2022. Photo by Geoff Rushton |

A major redevelopment project to modernize and expand the 50-year-old Toftrees Golf Resort is in the planning stages, according to information presented to the Patton Township Board of Supervisors on Wednesday evening.

The redeveloped “leisure and conference center” would have 150 hotel rooms in the 140,000-square-foot complex and surrounding grounds, according to a summary included in the meeting agenda.

Facilities would include meeting rooms and a conference center, the golf course and clubhouse, an outdoor swimming pool, a 4,000 square foot luxury spa, a restaurant, a private dining room and additional outdoor spaces for the events.

The current resort includes a 102-room hotel with related amenities, event spaces, The Field Burger & Tap, and an 18-hole golf course with pro shop.

“It’s a very exciting project. The development team there could invest up to $50 million,” LeRoy Kline, president of project consultant Delta Development Group, told the board.

Concept design for the redevelopment of Toftrees Golf Resort. Image by Delta Development Group.

According to the summary, the project would create an additional 137 full-time permanent jobs representing $7.3 million in annual employee compensation, as well as 399 temporary construction jobs generating $26.4 million in labor income.

“The redevelopment of Toftrees Golf Resort elevates the location to a national tourism destination for recreation and a hub for industry conferences, weddings and large group events,” the project summary states.

Supervisors unanimously approved the township’s sponsorship of two state grant applications related to site redevelopment and improvements to the Toftrees Avenue corridor.

The $2.5 million Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program grant would be used for site work to prepare for the redevelopment of the property. These funds would be used for selected demolition, internal road construction, infrastructure improvements, parking areas, storm water management systems, on-site amenities, engineering and design, construction, contingencies, interim financing costs and permits.

A government authority is required to sponsor RACP grant applications, but the Township of Patton would not bear any cost or liability for this grant. State College Friends, the group that owns Toftrees, would provide matching funds.

The other request is for a $2.159 million grant from the Multimodal Transportation Fund to build what Township Manager Doug Erickson called “long-needed upgrades to Toftrees Avenue.”

These improvements include the reconstruction and widening of Toftrees Avenue, dedicated 5-foot-wide bike lanes running parallel to both sides of the road, a new 5-foot concrete sidewalk on the south side of Toftrees Avenue, ADA pedestrian ramps, rail trail improvements, stormwater management improvements, new streetlights, landscaping and a new station access drive to accommodate the expansion.

“We’re trying to increase security there,” Kline said. “There is a visibility problem when trying to get in and out. We have a plan to open this up and create a boulevard. I think this project will be well received.

The Township of Patton has also sponsored successful RACP and transportation grant applications in recent years for the development of the Nittany Valley Sports Center off Bernel Road.

Redevelopment work on the station is unlikely to be underway anytime soon. In addition to the grant process and site improvements, the project will also have to go through the township land development process of staff review, planning commission recommendation, and board of oversight approval.

“Nothing we endorse today or contemplate today is an endorsement in any way of the station plan,” Erickson said.

Planning for the redevelopment comes as work is about to begin on the first building to the nearby 600-acre Toftrees Westa long-planned development expected to include residential units, retail, restaurants and offices with a town center and green spaces.

Mount Nittany Health’s new outpatient medical center, which will be located downtown, will be Toftrees West’s first building after receiving approval from supervisors in March. Its opening is scheduled for the end of 2023.


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