The Agenda: Local Government Notes for 8/22/22


The mixed-use lake development is expected to feature a 6-acre surf pool and a 13-acre lake in addition to retail, restaurants and offices. (Image courtesy of Flatwater Cos.)

Chesterfield supervisors consider lake development grant pact

Chesterfield’s board of supervisors is due to meet on Wednesday. Full agenda here.

The board is expected to vote on whether to approve a proposed grant agreement for The Lake, a development of Flatwater Cos. which should include a surf pool and recreational lake. The deal would provide approximately $27-28 million in incentives to Lake Adventures LLC (an entity related to Flatwater Cos.).

The $323 million development is planned for a 105-acre area at 13400 Genito Road and 2500, 2601 and 2991 Genito Place.

Also on the agenda is a staff presentation on the proposed Genito/288 Special Interest Area Plan, a land use plan for the Southside Speedway site and adjacent areas intended to enhance operations at the River City Sportsplex of the county.

Supervisors will also review a rezoning application related to a proposed development that would include a 6,000 square foot convenience store with a restaurant and fuel pumps as well as a commercial building and mini storage facility at the intersection of Iron Bridge Road and Irongate Drive. .

The convenience store included in the Adams Property Group proposal appears to be a Sheetz based on concept images included in the staff report

Chesterfield County released a draft vision for the development of the former Southside Speedway site as part of Genito Special Interest Area Plan/288, a proposed land use guide for the area around River City Sports Complex. (Image courtesy of Chesterfield County)

The nearly 7,700 square foot commercial building that is also part of the project on the 10-acre site could be converted into a restaurant or office, according to the staff report. The mini-storage facility would be approximately 110,000 square feet.

The assemblage that constitutes the project site consists of several plots on Iron Bridge Road and Omo Road near the Irongate Village shopping centre.

The Planning Commission recently voted to recommend approval of the application.

Business development with Dunkin’ advances in Hanover

Hannover’s Planning Commission voted to recommend rezoning linked to a new Dunkin’ last week.

WEDG Acquisitions LLC wants to build a three-unit commercial strip across from Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center. The 6,200 square foot retail strip to be built at 8257 Meadowbridge Road would include a Dunkin’ restaurant, according to a staff report.

The Supervisory Board will consider final approval at a future meeting.

Hanover County maintains AAA bond rating

Hanover County announced last week that all three major rating agencies have confirmed the locality’s AAA bond rating.

High ratings from ratings agencies Moody’s Investors Service, Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings and Fitch Group mean Hannover can borrow money at the lowest rates. Hanover earned its AAA rating in 2010, according to a county press release.

Henrico Holds $511M Bond Referendum Briefings

Henrico County has launched a series of briefings on its $511 million bond referendum that will appear on the ballot in the 2022 general election this fall.

Last week’s meeting took place at the Eastern Henrico Recreation Center. Additional meetings are scheduled from 6 to 8 p.m. on September 6 and October 4 at the Western Government Center on East Parham Road.

The referendum will appear as four questions on the ballot, with a separate question for each project category: schools, recreation and parks. fire stations and public safety facilities, and storm water drainage.

Click here to see project category pages for referendum questions as they will appear on the ballot, as well as proposed projects and their funding amounts (only the questions will appear on the ballot). Absentee voting, including in person, will begin on September 23. Election day is November 8.

Opening of the St. Petersburg Police Station at Market Street Lofts

The Petersburg Police Bureau opened a substation inside the Market Street Lofts apartments in conjunction with Thalhimer Realty Partners, which owns and rehabilitated the 106-unit building. The building and substation are located at 201 Hinton St.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Friday to open the substation, which the city described in a statement as “a step forward in the expansion of community policing.” TRP does not charge the city for the substation, which officers will use to patrol downtown.

TRP opened Market Street Lofts in January. The building is made up of studios and includes communal facilities.

The release included a quote from TRP Director Drew Wiltshire, who said the initiative “is consistent with our goals of maintaining a high-end living experience for our residents and connecting with the community.”


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