Tech Entrepreneur Tre Zimmerman’s Top Picks for Business Dining in South Florida


With over 22 years of technology industry experience and over 14 U.S. patents to his credit, Tre Zimmerman specializes in innovation in wireless communications products, mobile media and emerging connectivity-focused technologies. ‘devices to networks, content delivery and integrated multimedia applications.

Its range of expertise includes everything from small cell development, iot, m2m and wireless communication networks to product innovation, network architecture, iptv, video communications, communication platforms. set-top boxes, mergers and acquisitions, branding and more.

Zimmerman is a leader and philanthropist who proactively tackles issues of social injustice with his latest glasslab business venture. It is a newly founded peer-to-peer lending community and digital banking platform targeting underserved and immigrant people using their token liquidity. The latter business is a type of finance platform that connects people or entities wishing to lend money with people or businesses wishing to borrow money.

“I really wanted to decentralize the way getting a loan works,” says Zimmerman. “There are a lot of underserved and neglected people in this country who would be willing to pay off a loan if given the opportunity, but the big banks won’t entertain or risk it.”

Its positive alternative to traditional financing makes project glasslab a growing financial technology company that hopes to create a thriving online platform that connects loan seekers directly with willing investors and lenders. His compassion for wanting to help others is driven by the same keen sensitivity he uses to be successful in business. As serious as his job can be, Zimmerman always finds a balance in keeping things fun and enjoyable at work.

When meeting investors and potential clients, he keeps things light and fun to present his ideas and captivate people. Read on to find out what are his top restaurant choices for courting business in Florida.

Oli’s Fashion Cuisine in Wellington, Florida is a favorite place to discuss contracts. The restaurant takes note of the region’s agricultural origins and the development of a thriving community. Using local produce and meats, Chef Dustin Parfitt and President Juan Gando have developed a superb menu that features palm tree-style cuisine in the Boca Raton area.

Popular entrees include a selection of salads such as the necane salad with a mix of fruit, arugula, goat cheese and lemon grass and the cauliflower Caesar with raw cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, grapes and arugula; and appetizers such as grilled avocado wedges with charred avocado-cucumber mango and spicy salsa mayo and lobster-stuffed eggs. There’s also a signature tacos section offering everything from tuna and skirt steak tacos to lobster and chicken tacos.

For those more interested in carbohydrate overload, a variety of flatbreads are on offer, as well as butcher’s favorites such as beef 8. Filet mignon and pomegranate-glazed pork chop, and fruit dishes. sea ​​like bouillabaisse with fresh fish-shrimps and clams and prawns and blackened grits shrimps-chorizo-peppers-onions-fried egg.

Buccan in Palm Beach is another top choice for doing business. Enjoy innovative American cuisine from Clay Conley which offers a range of cuisine. From raw sea bass favorites such as hamachi tiradito and tuna crisps and veggies such as grilled beet tabbouleh and grilled cauliflower to crispy platters that range from duck thigh conift to rib empanadas short, there is a large selection to choose from.

Buccan also offers a selection of pasta with dishes such as Maine Lobster and Shrimp Fusilli and Squid Ink Orecchiette and large platters including local grilled swordfish and Florida snapper.

Finally, the president and founder of the glasslab project loves taking his clients to spend a night on the town in Cucina in Palm Beach. The restaurant offers delicious lunches and dinners in a lively setting. The famous Italian venue with Chef Kent-inspired cuisine includes a selection of Neapolitan-style pizzas with a fermented sourdough crust like Nonna’s meatball and the 2 am With sausage and spicy cherry peppers.

There is also a range of classic dishes from southern Italy, such as soreentino with crispy chicken cutlet, chicken cutlet, thinly sliced ​​prosciutto, wild mushroom crust with provolone, white wine and truffle velouté; the classic cucina ragú bolognese from northern Italy made with veal, natural pork and beef, parmesan, San Marzano tomatoes and Tuscan olive oil, served with fresh homemade fettuccine or simply a good piece of fish, whether it’s fresh boat fishing or king salmon.


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