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This is an observation I made in mid-October. My family and I went for dinner on a Saturday night at a popular restaurant in Ephrata. Now remember, it’s a Saturday night and most of the restaurants are busy by then I understand.

There was about a 25 minute wait to be seated, I understand that as well. I also understand that restaurants have a hard time getting people to cook and wait on tables, perhaps because they are skeptical of another COVID-19 shutdown or because some people just don’t want to. work, period.

But, in my opinion, it doesn’t help the situation when some restaurants make their employees work in the ground while they are operating below normal. For example, once we were seated our waitress was stressed and had many tables to juggle, and not once did she come back to us until we asked for the check.

My point is this: As a caring and respectful restaurant owner, why not close some tables to the point where your staff can keep up and provide better service to their customers until you are full?

Stop being so greedy! And think about your employees and customers. It could pay off in the long run.

Dave hibshman

Township of Cocalico West



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