Sentinel Hospitality: Hearing Date Set for Orange County’s $ 20 Million PPP Fraud Case



Edouard Susolik

Multi-millionaires are said to have faked a loan application on behalf of a group of restaurants, causing the restaurant to lose its PPP funding and support during the COVID-19 shutdown. *

Sentinel Hospitality: Hearing Date Set for Orange County's $ 20 Million PPP Fraud CaseLaguna Niguel, California (RestaurantNews.comJohn Nye, who runs Hendrix at Laguna Niguel, said learning of the tampering with the PPP loan application on behalf of his restaurant was like a blow to one of the most difficult years of his career. “I found out when I received an invoice for a payment due. I couldn’t even sort it out with the bank because my name wasn’t on the loan, ”Nye noted.

To add insult to injury, the people who filed the complaint were two business-savvy people Nye trusted: Amy Hsiao and Lihue (Kitti) Lo from Newport, Calif., Who were investors in the Sentinel Restaurant. Group-Hendrix Restaurant Group (Sentinel). Hsiao and Lo are multimillionaires who are said to have kept the PPP loans of $ 150,000 for themselves or for other entities in which they hold leadership positions as executives of the companies. The fraudulent claim prevented Sentinel from applying for legitimate PPP loans for its restaurants closed due to the pandemic and caused the group to lose a major investment deal.

Sentinel has retained the services of renowned Orange County lawyer Edward Susolik, who has handled many high-profile cases over the years and whose law firm has the largest jury verdict in County history. ‘Orange, to lead their fight in this matter. “While most cases are not as brash and blatant as this one, there is significant PPP and EDD.”

The lawsuit was originally filed in the Orange County Superior Court. The three-day final arbitration hearing is scheduled to begin on October 27, 2021.

Defendants Hsiao, the senior vice president of LogicLink, Inc., and under the same group of companies, including Logic Solutions, which has many Fortune 500 companies that are clients, including many hotel companies, of heavily regulated casino and technology, and Lo, chairman of Manhattan Hotel Group, LLC, based in Orange County and chairman of MHG Capital, a hotel investment and operating company founded in 2012 that has processed over $ 500 million. in select, full-service hotels with over 2,000 rooms, forced arbitration.

According to a recent congressional investigation, there have been well over $ 1 billion in falsified PPP loan applications in the United States since the start of the pandemic. The Justice Department and other agencies have prioritized prosecution of fraud arising from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) created by the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act.

Case number 30-2020-01176078-CU-FR-CJC has been filed in Orange County Superior Court.


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