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Lupulandia, a Mexican-style brasserie located in the heart of the Mission District, quietly closed three years ago in San Francisco.

Co-owner Anthony LaVia confirmed the closure and told SFGATE that the sprawling 7,000 square foot space is currently on the market. The asset sale for $395,000 also includes the liquor license and brewery equipment. The San Francisco Business Times first reported the sale.

Lupulandia opened as an ambitious project under LaVia and Tijuana-based business partners Oso and Pablo Campos, who sought to bring the rich flavors of the Mexican border town to San Francisco’s Mission District. The concept was simple: serve under one roof beers and homemade dishes that blended Mexican and American cultures. For his part, LaVia aspired to shatter some of the misconceptions he was hearing about Mexican restaurants by embracing tradition and the future.

“People say we’re not authentic Mexicans, but how do you know that?” LaVia previously told SFGATE. “We’re in Tijuana, Guadalajara, Mexico City, and we see places that look like this all over Mexico. There’s this idea that Mexican food or Mexican culture is kind of stuck in the 1950s or 1960s.”

“A lot of Americans are kind of conditioned to expect that from a Mexican restaurant, so if you don’t fit that stereotype, they’re confused,” LaVia added. “People don’t understand that all of this is news.”

When it opened in late 2019, customers enjoyed beers with Mexican flavor profiles, like its Tropical Lagers and Grapefruit Lagers. On the food side, the brasserie offered a smoked Baja chowder made with tuna served in a bowl of sourdough bread, in a nod to San Francisco. LaVia said “sales took off like a rocket” soon after Lupulandia opened, and the brewery was on track to break even until the pandemic hit.

LaVia and its partners decided to temporarily shut down for months before receiving two rounds of PPP loans and support from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund. In 2021, Lupulandia announced their return on May 5, after a temporary hiatus, for their Cinco de Mayo celebration. The brewery continued to operate even during difficult months when omicron cases increased. In January 2022, LiVia made the difficult decision to close.

“I originally hoped it would be temporary…but December just killed us,” LaVia said. “At that point we looked at our bills and our bank account and at the end of January we realized it wasn’t going to work. What bothers me is that we knew it worked. He just never had the chance.

LaVia, who also co-owns the Beauty Bar at 2299 Mission St., believes timing played a big role in Lupulandia’s bottom line. This is why the name and the recipes will remain with him. For now, he plans to put the Mexican brewery on the back burner in hopes that it will return, but not as a combined brewery and restaurant concept.

“We were just a victim of COVID. At some point we will ride again.


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