Restaurants win lottery rule decision



By the Oregon Restaurant Association,

Win for Lottery Retailers / Vaccine Mandates / EIDL Updates

Win for Lottery Retailers
– ORLA members include a segment that cares deeply about the association’s advocacy for lottery retailer issues. ORLA, in partnership with many other stakeholders, managed to secure a victory, with the governor committing in writing to ban any expansion of state-sponsored gambling to mobile devices, except for options. already available on cell phones. The next two letters set out the request made by us and our partners to the legislative branch and the governor’s response essentially placing a moratorium on any mobile gaming expansion for the duration of his term.

Vaccination mandates – We plan to have our hands full in the coming months, as the potential for emerging vaccine mandates continues to be debated primarily at local levels of government outside of President Biden’s announcement last week. We have been informed that King County in Washington State will go ahead with a vaccination warrant, but has decided to target specific companies with the mandate again as opposed to all companies. It is still unclear how the new vaccine mandate will be implemented and how the role of restaurants and other industry operators will be defined for affected industries. King County’s mandate will come into effect at the end of October. Our reports show that the NYC mandate has a vaccine verification compliance rate of less than 30%, which means up to 70% of operations did not verify vaccine status at the gate. In one of ORLA’s recent surveys, we asked operators what types of mandates they would proactively comply with. Less than 40% said they would comply with the vaccine check and we believe the reason is due to the challenges of our frontline staff being able to request these checks universally to dine inside and the uncertainty of what happens when customers are denied meals inside. service due to a warrant.

As a reminder, we openly shared the results of our survey and our deep concerns about compliance rates with Multnomah County President Kafoury and the governor’s office. We hope this step will prevent the industry from being targeted as we continue our advocacy and support for vaccines and their importance.

EIDL Program Updates – Small Business Administration Assistant District Director for Portland, Sam Goldstein, provided us at ORLA with the latest updates on EIDL. The SBA’s COVID EIDL Program Summary serves as a review of the current state of EIDL expansion. Another webinar presentation will take place on September 23; Register here.

The SBA continues to accept loans and modify existing loans. New applications and increases to existing loans resulting in total amounts to be approved> $ 500,000 can be submitted immediately. Decisions on claims> $ 500,000 will begin on October 8, 2021.

Main update: increase in maximum loan amount from $ 500,000 to $ 2,000,000 (policy)

Main changes in effect as of September 8, 2021:

– Increase in maximum loans for new applicants and existing borrowers up to $ 2,000,000.
– New flexibility in the use of funds includes repayment of existing commercial debt and regular payments on federal debt.
– Modification of membership rules (relaxed). Only applicants who own 50% or more are considered affiliates.
– Unlimited size for non-profit organizations.
– Modification of the size standards for certain industries * in order to authorize a maximum of 500 employees per location for the categories of listed industries considered to be still strongly impacted by COVID-19.
– New limit of $ 10,000,000 on total loans to a single group of companies

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