Restaurants in the Saint-Louis region report a rebound for Mother’s Day


Saint-Louis city and county leaders said on Monday that restaurants could return to full capacity.

ST. LOUIS – Staff at a St. Louis deli are on a roll, wrapping sandwich after sandwich as crowds flock to Mom’s Deli on Mother’s Day.

“My son – who passed by – recommended this place. So here we are. What better place than Mom’s Deli,” said Sharon Treece.

She stopped in with his wife, Janet Moore, collecting food for herself and offering special slices for furry babies in the backseat. Treece and Moore say it’s good to see the crowds coming back to the local restaurants.

“Now that we’re all vaccinated and people are gradually reopening, we’re happy to come out, patronize and support,” Moore said.

Saint-Louis city and county leaders announced Monday that they will allow restaurants to return to full capacity, as long as social distancing measures are maintained.

With the easing of COVID restrictions, restaurateurs have said Mother’s Day could be the biggest day the restaurant industry has seen in a long time.

“We’re showcasing our chicken and our waffles, so we’re doing like a bigger, whole bird, four waffles and mimosas for Mother’s Day,” said Grace Meat + Three owner Rick Lewis.

To keep up with demand, Mom’s – like many restaurants – has a sign in the window that reads “Help Wanted.”

“With social distancing and all, it’s good to see everyone out there and enjoy life again,” said Kelsey Abt, a mum’s client and mum herself.


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