Restaurants and hotels in Bulgaria will not close despite the Covid crisis –



Restaurants, hotels and the bars will not close because of the covid pandemic. The state needs a business that works, the business needs to operate, but we will demand the responsibility of it so that there is no lockdown.

This is what Tourism Minister Stella Baltova said on BNT, commenting that even with more than 500 patients per 100,000, there are no restaurant closings.

From today, Israel is removing Bulgaria from the red zone, which means that their tourists will no longer be quarantined on their return from our country, she explained.

Great efforts are being made to vaccinate the staff of hotels and restaurant. All of Europe is opening up, Italy and Austria have already announced that they will have skiing tourism. Bulgaria was the only one to have winter last year tourism. We are discussing access to resorts, Baltova commented. According to her, the expectations are to have again tourists from the Czech Republic, who, along with the Poles, were surprisingly numerous this summer in our country.

Infrastructures in the Bulgarian the resorts need to be improved, there were a lot of parking issues and this needs to change for the next summer season, Baltova was adamant.

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