Restaurant closes after obtaining $ 464,040 in COVID funds; owner accuses government and then retracts | Restaurants



Now knowing that McKay’s lease was ending “and not giving us any notice it was devastating,” she said.

Suiter, 37, who worked a bakery at Pine Cone last year, said she was unsure whether McKay used the PPP money to pay his staff, but said he employed his son , his daughter and his wife full time in the past. the summer, whereas before, they were only filling.

She said McKay told his employees he was audited and reimbursed most of his servers on their last paychecks.

“It was very, very difficult to swallow to see the panel accusing the government he set up when he did not mention it among the many reasons he gave us,” he said. she declared.

Suiter said she wished McKay had visited the restaurant owner Pine Cone in Johnson Creek to see if he wanted to take over the DeForest restaurant. She said McKay admitted to staff that he had not tried to find a buyer in the community.

McKay told the Wisconsin State Journal that he was friends with the owner of the other Pine Cone, which is still in business.

DeForest Pine Cone’s website shows that he had been in business for 49 years.

“Since The Pine Cone started in 1973, we’ve taken great pride in bringing you food of exceptional quality,” the website says. “We believe The Pine Cone is a living link to the past where food was plentiful and prices right. Maintaining this standard and providing our customers with exceptional service is kind of a motto for us. “



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