Purse thieves leave bad aftertaste on wine and brew: Orange Police Blotter



Robbery: Harvard Road

A Strongsville woman reported sitting with her family at a high table at Cooper’s Hawk Winery around 1:50 p.m. on February 20 at a high table. About 10 minutes later, she noticed that her purse, which she had hung on the back of her chair, was open and missing her wallet, which contained identification, including her debit card. social security, prescriptions, Medicare and Medicare cards, and $100 cash.

Security video showed a man sat down at the nearby table behind the victim at 1:52 p.m. Then, with a coat draped over his right arm, he turned to the woman and her chair and walked seemed to enter the purse with her right hand. A minute later, he left the restaurant, with no description of his vehicle available.

Theft, fraudulent use of credit cards: Harvard Road

A Painesville woman reported Feb. 20 that she and her daughter attended a 2:30 p.m. wine tasting at Cooper’s Hawk Winery the day before, when she hung her jacket and purse on a hook under the bar closest to the entrance. .

At 4:30 p.m., she dug into her purse and discovered that her wallet was missing, along with 10 credit cards and seven gift cards worth about $250.

She was then informed that her Costco Visa and American Express cards had been fraudulently used at the Beachwood Rite-Aid for a total of over $835.

His TJ Maxx credit card was also used three times at the Highland Heights Kohl’s department store for a total of $1,380. Video footage of this incident was also under review.

Larceny-theft, fraud-illegal use of credit cards: Harvard Road

A Solon woman reported on the night of February 18 that she and her husband dined at BJ’s Brewhouse from 6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. and were seated at a high table near the main entrance, where she hung her handbag. her chair.

Halfway through dinner, she said she felt movement on her purse and noticed it was unzipped, although everything appeared to be inside.

Later that night, the couple received two calls from Huntington Bank about fraudulent activity. At that point, she looked in her wallet and realized that $500 was missing, along with two credit cards.

Another notification showed that a total of $848 had been spent on his Discover card at Macy’s Summit Mall, as well as $330 on his Huntington card at Foot Locker. Additional purchase attempts for an additional $500 at Macy’s and $75 at Foot Locker, both on Discover, had been declined.

BJ’s staff said to come back the next day to speak with the GM about reviewing the security video.

Car theft: Orange Place

Police responded to the Courtyard of Marriott parking lot on the morning of Feb. 16, where a 22-year-old man from York, Pa., said he had parked his company truck, a Dodge Ram, overnight.

He returned to the truck around 7:15 a.m. and noticed that the upper rear hatch was unlocked and approximately $6,000 worth of tools had been stolen.

Loot included an assortment of hand tools, impact guns, grinders, batteries, chargers, and a mace.

Credit card theft: Wall Street

A Gates Mills woman reported on February 17 that her credit cards were stolen while shopping at Pinecrest Whole Foods. The cards, then worth $400, were later used at area stores to make fraudulent purchases.

General assistance, criminal intrusion, Orange Place

Police responded to the Red Lobster restaurant around 1:15 p.m. on February 17 after a manager reported that a former employee, a 22-year-old Cleveland woman whom she fired that morning, had called several occasions from co-workers, then showed up to speak to another manager after learning she was no longer welcome at the property.

At that point, the former employee reportedly began spitting obscenities before eventually leaving the property. This led to the trespassing summons which she later told police she would pick up at the station.

Harassment of communications, intrusion: Orange Place

A manager of Slyman’s Tavern arrived at the police station on February 17 to report that one of his employees was being harassed by her ex-husband, a 41-year-old Bedford man, who was not allowed to return to the property for whatever reason.

Officers on the next shift were asked to continue calling the ex. since the telephone number provided until then remained perpetually busy.

Harassment of communications, trespassing: Park Avenue

A Candle Studio manager reported that one of its employees was having ongoing issues with another Pinecrest worker, believed to be a 20-year-old Woodmere man, to the point that she would sign criminal trespassing charges against him if he did. he was showing up again.

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