Proof of vaccination for indoor spaces could arrive in Chicago. Some restaurants are pushing back



CHICAGO – A Covid precaution that is already in other major cities could be on its way to Chicago.

Chicago restaurants and other indoor entertainment venues may soon be required to verify proof of vaccination before serving customers for indoor meals.

Some Chicago restaurants are pushing back.

Restaurants in cities like New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans already have a requirement in place.

The mandate would also include bars, cinemas and concert halls.

The idea is championed by eight members of the Chicago council. These members recently sent a letter to the city’s health director and the mayor.

The Chicago Restaurants Coalition is lobbying against the mandate.

Some restaurateurs argue that it is difficult for restaurants, which already struggle to find qualified waiters, to take on the added responsibility of checking the evidence and enforcing it.

Alderman Scott Waguespack is one of the board members supporting the mandate.

“It is worth having a discussion about health issues and their impact or not,” he said. “The CRPD would ultimately determine what is needed to keep citizens and clients safe during a pandemic. ”

But instead of a vaccine-proof check, CRC wants the city to double its efforts to reach areas with low vaccination rates. They believe that a variety of incentives could help.

CRC also said the city could demand money already allocated to Congress is the Restaurant Aid Act to give to Chicago’s many struggling restaurants to keep them afloat.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has previously said she is monitoring the situation and its development in other cities.



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