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The fast-paced, laid-back sixteen-unit Original ChopShop tries a new tactic when it comes to recruiting workers – it recruits customers to do some of the hard work in a historically tight job market.

The Dallas-based concept recently began offering a $ 50 food credit to diners who sponsor someone who becomes a new employee. It’s a new twist on the popular practice of offering internal referral bonuses, CEO Jason Morgan said.

“We just pushed and pushed to get more people into the funnel,” Morgan said. “One of the perks of being a small business is that you can be quite nimble. You can also make mistakes, pivot, and make changes.

ChopShop launched the referral program about two weeks ago, too early to tell if it’s a success.

The chain began by offering a $ 25 food credit through its app to customers who completed a online referral form which led to a new hire. He just hiked the premium to $ 50.

“When you donate food, you are really only donating the costs of the food,” Morgan said. “Our net cost is actually only 30% of that. It is too early to tell what is going on. We have seen several references coming in.

Morgan noted that fans of the channel know the company best and would potentially be good recruiters.

“I’m really encouraged by the concept of having clients who refer people,” he said. “Work is a big deal right now in the food court. We are trying to find new ways to recruit.

Original ChopShop, which serves protein bowls, chopped salads, sandwiches, acai bowls and more, needs more workers as it plans to open eight new locations by the end of this year. next year.

The chain has seen a 33% increase in same-store sales so far this year compared to 2019 numbers, Morgan said. Right now, managers and hourly staffing levels are around 90%, he said.



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