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“That was sort of the genesis of it. And then from there, trying to keep abreast of trends in catering, especially delivery and transportation, ”he said. “And that’s where we said, ‘You know what, let’s imagine a brand that sells really good chicken wings and fried chicken sandwiches.’”

Great Dane restaurants are large and can handle large volumes of customers, so the business has had to seek new revenue when it was unable to fill its restaurants or had to accommodate customers at a reduced capacity.

Typically, on Badger game days before last year, each restaurant served 1,000 to 1,200 customers, Pace said.

About 20% of his current income comes from online brands, he said. “So it’s been really helpful to find ways to continue to be there for our teams, to support our people who are really the backbone of what we do, and another way for us to put products in our hands. of which we are proud. from our client. “

Pace said he sees demand for delivery continue in the restaurant business for years to come, even as restaurants are able to accommodate customers at full capacity.

Midcoast Wings debuted in August as part of a partnership between Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. and EatStreet, the Madison-based third-party delivery service.

Samara Kalk Derby | Wisconsin State Journal

Some restaurants across the country have established online brands during the pandemic where meals are prepared in off-site kitchens. These “ghost cooking” brands use other kitchens so as not to interfere with the restaurant’s main kitchen equipment and staff.



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