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A new vegan and vegetarian cafe, Poor Man Vegan, has opened in Jersey City at 90 Monticello Avenue. In mid-May, the restaurant welcomed local residents and shared new items that have been added to the menu on its social media pages. Read on to find out more about Poor Man Vegan in Jersey City.

The story

Prior to opening a store in Jersey City, Poor Man Vegan started out as a Clark, New Jersey-based catering business that offered vegan food and baked goods at local events and private parties. . Since starting operations in March 2019, Poor Man Vegan has taken off and delivered its popular cupcake orders non-stop.

(Photo credit: Poor Man Vegan’s Facebook)

The inspiration behind the brand comes from the owner’s own experience as a vegan. Christopher Stokes, who runs the business alongside his wife Mary Stokes, sharing, “From a young age, I have always loved animals. Growing up I ate what my parents fed me and it always put me off when I ate meat but not knowing any better and as a child I just ate it. I was a vegetarian for most of my adult life until I finally became a vegan 8 years ago. My only regret… .not having done it much earlier !!! ”

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In mid-April, PMV announced on social media that they were “working hard to get things ready” for the cafe’s opening in Jersey City. In just a month, the owners transformed the space on Avenue Monticello into a cozy yellow and green themed restaurant and filled the location with delicious vegan food. PMV joins other well-known cafes on the street including The Cottage, Baonanas, and Snapdragon Coffee.

poor man vegan jersey city

(Photo credit: Poor Man Vegan’s Facebook)

The menu

Poor Man Vegan is emerging as a hot spot for its various empanadas served fresh daily, including beef, chicken, barbecue chicken, spinach and cheese, tacos and sloppy joe. Lunch options include the classic Beyond burger and Beyond cheeseburger, vegan grilled cheese, and chicken nuggets. All burgers are served on a vegan pretzel bun with a side of fries.

To satisfy the sweet tooth, customers can choose from the variety of cupcakes (vegan vanilla or chocolate), brownies, cookies, ube mason jar cupcakes with macapuno on top, or lemon, blueberry and coffee muffins.

Poor vegan man

(Photo credit: Poor Man Vegan’s Facebook)

The menu, which can be found via a QR code on the restaurant’s Instagram, also offers fresh fruit smoothies and salads. Additionally, visitors can find vegan snacks like Pig Out Pork Free Pork Rinds and Handmade Krispie Rice Treats from Treat House.

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The unique aspect of Poor Man Vegan is that there is a buffet available for convenience and on the go. The buffet items change daily, but the usual is rice or pasta with two sides, and a cheeseburger or burger and fries to go.

poor man vegan brownies jersey city

(Photo credit: Poor Man Vegan’s Facebook)

Plan your trip

For other vegan restaurants in Jersey City, visit Hoboken Girl list found here and the vegan restaurants in Hoboken can be found here.

Poor Man Vegan delivery is available through the Uber Eats app. The opening hours are Tuesday to Thursday from 11 am to 4 pm; Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. PMV is closed to the public on Sundays (reserved for private events) and Mondays. Follow Poor Man Vegan on Instagram here and Facebook here.

Written by: Diana Cooper

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