New restaurant opens on Saturday in Ogden



This weekend, when Point Break Restaurant opens in Ogden, there will be a long-awaited sense of excitement for owners Jason “Foz” Fosdick and Ryan Trotter.

The duo opens the restaurant on Saturday at 7134 Market St., in the former location of Stella’s Pizza & Grille.

“We started this early on in the pandemic and knew we couldn’t open up a brick and mortar location with everything that was going on,” Fosdick said.

But not wanting to block the idea, Fosdick says they launched Point Break the exact opposite of a traditional restaurant model.

“Catering and delivery is the route we took, and it hit at a time when it was really needed,” he said, adding that he believed they had mastered the concept of individualization of meals in complete safety.

“At this point, it is very important that meals are not your traditional lunchbox for companies that are hosting lunches or for someone who is throwing a party. We think we are offering this in a great way to make it as secure as possible, ”said Fosdick.

And to their surprise, Point Break didn’t have just one set of demographics, but audiences of all ages. Fosdick said the food and delivery service appealed to people in their 70s who might not want to go out as well as students at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

In thanking his business partner Trotter for creating the delicious meals, the menu items include grilled chicken wings, wedge potatoes and salads, and Fosdick said if there was one particular item the people had to try, it was the restaurant’s original ranch dressing.

“This is hands down the best ranch dressing,” he laughed as he wasn’t kidding about something as important as the delicious ranch dressing.

Fosdick said the Point Break team are more than excited about Saturday’s grand opening.

They feel it’s a great day to celebrate for everyone involved. He said anyone coming to the restaurant on Saturday can sign up to be one of the two winners of Point Break’s free food for a year.

The restaurant also features group music and Michaela of radio station Z-107.5 will be broadcasting live.

Fosdick said parking should be tight for the grand opening celebration, but there is plenty of free parking behind the Publix grocery store in Ogden.

While many will know that Point Break is located at the location of the old Stella, the space has been gutted and has a new kitchen and living area.

Fosdick, the Wilmington DJ turned restaurant entrepreneur, said he has always loved restaurants. He said he knew this type of business wasn’t always easy, but he liked people and wanted to try it out.

Fosdick said: “We are really excited that people are coming. It’s fresh, fast, and affordable. Come and try us.



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