Moderate reaction to lenient new COVID guidelines for restaurants



ST. LOUIS – Restaurant and bar owners were being quiet about the new COVID health guidelines in the city and county of St. Louis.

Some establishments may remain open later and at full capacity. There are still many hurdles for businesses to get back to normal.

At Mike Duffy’s, manager Paul Duffy believes the pandemic has changed the way customers now live their lives.

“People’s habits have changed,” he said. “They don’t come out that late.”

Like so many other restaurants, Duffy also struggled to find workers. It is particularly difficult when it has to compete with the federal government.

“With federal unemployment money, they are actually doing more than working,” he said.

Favazza’s on The Hill restaurant plans to keep closing time at 9 p.m. although it can remain open until 1 a.m.

The 100% capacity will not change the size of the crowd here. Owner John Favazza said the social distancing requirement was still in effect.

“There is no room in the building (to separate people,” he says.

Favazza welcomed the more lenient COVID guidelines. He calls this a big step back to normalcy.

“I think it’s good. It’s a sign that we are going in the right direction, we are very happy about it and the public feels safer going to dinner,” he said.

At PaddyO’s, which is in the shadow of Busch Stadium, they’ll be enjoying the new hours. They used to stay open until midnight but now they will close at 3 am on certain dates.

“I think we’re going to keep the idea going on Friday and Saturday and then we will do a downturn in the week after the games, let people go down and have a good time if it goes down,” said manager Rob. Colie. . “We can make one last call as we please.”

A restaurant manager said the key was to make people feel safe. When people feel safe, he says, they will go out to eat more.



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