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After approximately 15 years of hard work and planning, the development of Lane Parke in Mountain Brook Village is nearing its long-awaited completion.

Construction began in March in phase 2 of the commercial and retail space of the development.

“We are delighted to take the final step towards the completion of Lane Parke,” said developer John Evans of family business Evson inc. at the start of the work.

Phase 2, which is 50,000 square feet, has been delayed by approximately 14 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Evans told Village Living.

However, it is expected to be completed by May 2022, and with it the entire 27-acre Lane Parke project, which also includes the luxury Grand Bohemian hotel and 276 apartments.

With the completion of Lane Parke, city officials and traders see an opportunity for Mountain Brook Village to become a bigger draw for visitors to the Birmingham Underground and beyond.

Authorities are forecasting greater tax revenues for Mountain Brook, and village traders are hoping Lane Parke can attract more traffic for their businesses.

Not only that, but in April, the Alabama Legislature passed a bill sponsored by Representative David Faulkner allowing the city to create entertainment districts in Mountain Brook Village, English Village and Crestline Village.

The invoice was sent to Governor Kay Ivey for his signature on April 8, according to

We spoke to Evans, city officials and several local merchants about the possible impact of the completion of Lane Parke and the coming of the entertainment districts.

And it looks like these events could work together to impact the city in a positive, even transformative way.

“It’s a whole new atmosphere for the town of Mountain Brook,” said Mayor Stewart Welch III.

Get started

Hoar Construction is the contractor for Phase 2, Goodwyn Mills & Cawood are the architects and funding is provided by First Horizon Iberia Bank, Evans said.

The cost of Phase 2 is around $ 24 million, Evans said.

The developers are working to minimize the impact of construction on traffic and parking in the village of Mountain Brook, said city building manager Glen Merchant.

“They try to schedule all the delivery headaches with school hours and traffic at work and not at lunchtime,” he said.

“They plan to use their own overflow parking areas for the workers and have a good plan for storing site materials,” said Merchant.

The entire 27-acre Lane Parke project will have plenty of parking, Evans said.

The projected parking outcome “is a best guess, and may vary depending on the exact tenant mix when completed,” said Dana Hazen, city planning, construction and sustainability manager.

However, the developers have “partnered with reputable traffic and parking consultants who have used contemporary industry standards and models to project how well traffic and parking will perform when completed,” Hazen said. “These professional consultants have a solid reputation for precision.”

Phase 2 tenants

Tenants announced for Phase 2 at the time of publication include Ignite Cycle, a boutique cycling studio; Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, an award-winning artisanal ice cream store; and Basecoat on Fifth, a luxury manicure studio.

Phase 2 will also feature a new casual restaurant concept from Birmingham chef Abhishek Sainju.

Lane Parke will also add a Starbucks location with drive-thru, Evans said.

More tenants will be announced in the coming weeks, said Suzanna Wasserman, vice president of marketing at Crawford Square Real Estate Advisors.

Instead of local brands, the Phase 2 tenant mix will likely include more national brands and other non-market brands “that people in Mountain Brook and surrounding areas don’t normally see,” Evans said.

Lane Parke’s Phase 1, completed in 2016 and measuring 70,000 square feet, was a roughly $ 20 million project, Evans said.

Phase 1 is fully leased and the last tenant – a training facility called X4 Fitness – is slated to open in May or June.

Ready for completion

Traders in the Village of Mountain Brook are eager to see work begin on Phase 2, in part because the site has remained empty in recent years after some demolition and site work.

“I know everyone is pretty tired of staring at the empty space right at the entrance to Mountain Brook off 280,” said Lynn Ritchie is the owner of A’Mano, a phase gift shop 1.

“It will be good to have completed the village,” said Ricky Bromberg, President of Bromberg & Co.

Completing Phase 2 “will connect Phase 1 to the whole village and make it much more walkable and connected, including the hotel,” Ritchie said. “All hotel guests will be able to walk throughout the village.”

Evans expressed hope that Lane Parke will stimulate all Mountain Brook Village merchants. “I want the rising tide to lift all the boats,” he said.

“The more retailers there are, the more traffic the area gets,” said Wesley Lassen, owner of the Cook Store.

Lane Parke “adds more stuff for people to come, and when you have more stuff you can accomplish in a shopping area, I think it improves all businesses,” said Brenda Meadows, owner of The Lingerie Shoppe.

“Once we have that connectivity … I think it’ll connect the whole village and tie it all together,” said Alice Womack, Mountain Brook City Council member.

Meadows said The Grand Bohemian, which opened in 2015, has “already had a positive effect.”

“It has been great for the people who travel and come to the village,” Lassen said.

Welch calls the Grand Bohemian a “blessing” to the city.

“You have an amazing first class hotel, and you are proud to say that when someone comes to visit you, you have to stay at the Grand Bohemian,” Welch said. “It’s a big anchor for Lane Parke, and it will help fuel a lot of business for Phases 1 and 2. People will want to stay there because you can walk right past your door and have everything you want. will want to do. in a block. “

The completion of Lane Parke will make Mountain Brook “a great magnet for people who want to shop and eat, and not just for residents, but I think we will attract a lot of people from outside Mountain Brook.” Welch said.

“Hopefully we have tenants that the market wants to visit and that will attract people outside of Mountain Brook,” Evans said.

Tax revenues

The completion of Lane Parke is expected to be a financial boon for the city.

“The property will be better used for business purposes, which in turn will create more sales tax dollars and business license revenue for the city, so we continue to provide services,” the city manager said. Sam Gaston.

In 2020, phase 1 sales and accommodation taxes, license fees and ad valorem taxes accounted for 4% of the city’s total general fund revenue, said Steven Boone, city finance director and deputy city manager.

Additionally, the Board of Education received about $ 1.3 million more in ad valorem taxes in 2020 than its pre-development property tax collections, Boone said.

Entertainment districts

The approval of the new entertainment districts in Mountain Brook could be of great benefit to all three villages.

“I think it’s definitely a bigger welcoming mat to invite people to come and see what’s going on in these three villages and the cool businesses and restaurants we have to offer,” said Will Haver, owner of Taco Mama. at Crestline Village.

“I think it can only add to this connectivity and ease of walking in the villages,” Womack said.

“You can grab a glass of wine and walk by the side of the retail store and look at the clothes,” Welch said, referring to the open transportation of alcoholic beverages allowed in entertainment districts at certain times.

Evans hopes the entertainment districts will help local businesses in Mountain Brook.

“We hope that with the entertainment district the shops won’t close at 6 p.m., with the various restaurants people will shop and hopefully the shops will stay open later so that they can have a part of it. pedestrian traffic, ”Evans said.

Before officially starting the neighborhoods, the city will need to seek input from residents and business owners, Welch said.

City council “will have to come in and set the parameters that go with the districts – the hours, the days and whatever other restrictions we want to impose,” said council chairwoman Virginia Smith.

‘A city of destination’

The completion of Phase 2 of Lane Parke and the approval of the entertainment districts “will create a whole new outing party” for Mountain Brook, Welch said.

People “will come to visit, and when they come to visit, they will be excited,” he said, citing what he calls the unique charm of villages.

In addition, two new roundabouts that will be built by about 2023 will ease traffic into the village of Mountain Brook from Highway 280, Welch said.

“They will move traffic much more easily and connect the zoo and botanical gardens to the Grand Bohemian, Lane Parke and Mountain Brook Village,” he said. “You will have this amazing place where you will feel really easy to access.”

When all of these “pieces of the puzzle” come together, Welch said, “I think you’ll find Mountain Brook to be a destination town.”

“Mountain Brook Village has always been wonderful in itself; not necessarily need anything to complete it, but I believe Lane Parke will enhance the Village of Mountain Brook and the two components will work together as a place to shop, eat, visit and live, ”said Hazen.


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