Local restaurants hope for better summer deals


ROCHESTER, Minnesota (KTTC) – Restaurants and bars in Rochester continue to fight the pandemic. With warmer and sunnier days to come, the current 11 p.m. deadline presents a unique challenge for managers and staff.

“The curfew sucks everybody right now, you know, like, everybody wants to stay out later and stuff like that.” And we’ve noticed that people are coming out later now compared to earlier, so it sucks, like, customers and everything, ”said bartender at The Tap House Jacob Garvey.

Several Rochester bars and restaurants have closed for good since COVID-19 hit in March 2020, many of which were very popular downtown spots. With another potential increase in cases, homeowners fear another round of restrictions is on the horizon.

“Are we wondering if that will happen or not? Of course we do. If we lift the restrictions at our three restaurants here in Rochester, whether or not we can manage these restaurants will have an impact. significant. ”, said Henry Clarin, Terza’s manager. Clarin also operates two other restaurants in Rochester.

Minnesota restaurants are licensed up to 75% capacity under current state guidelines and must be closed by 11 p.m. or before. However, there is a growing public belief that these places can remain open while ensuring the safety of workers and guests.

“The best way to keep customers coming to us is through our sanitation practices. We are very strict with our staff when it comes to hand sanitation, table sanitation and food preparation. our restaurants, ”added Clarin.

Despite the curfew and continued restrictions, managers were very optimistic about what was to come during the summer months.

“We feel bad to tell people ‘hey, we’re closing now’ but, that is, I don’t know. I think once the summer, once it’s warmer, like, consistency you know, so I really think [the curfew] should be pushed back to 12 or at least 1 or something, ”Garvey said.


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