Kitchen crash ensues after colleague reports theft from purse: orange police blotter



Theft from a building, assault, warrant served: Harvard Road

An employee of the BJ’s restaurant went to the police station around noon on October 6 to report that about 12 hours earlier she had received a notification that her bank card was being used at a gas station in Cleveland, followed by other shopping alerts that she had not made. Make.

She canceled the card, which she believed was stolen, along with $ 100 in tips, in her purse when she left it in the employee break room, with approximately $ 117 in fraudulent purchases made .

Then around 6:45 p.m., police were dispatched to BJ’s home for a reported assault in the kitchen, where the previous victim, 27, reported that a woman from Cleveland, 26, working on the pasta line, had arrived , smiled in his face. and asked her how she was today.

The victim then responded by asking what was that sub sandwich she had on Door-Dashed last night with her Money Network card, which led to a denial of the suspect’s accusations and name-calling, followed by a short brawl interrupted by colleagues.

The suspect was immediately taken into custody by Orange police under a pending warrant for disorderly conduct and examination of the film led the police to believe that she was the main attacker, which resulted in resulted in a charge of assault.

The victim, who had a cut under his eye, signed a petition for a criminal protection order which was forwarded to a judge for review.

Fraud, illegal use of credit cards: Miles Road

The management of the local State Farm Insurance agency reported on October 5 that several days earlier an employee, 21, from Oakwood Village, had received a payment of $ 600 over the phone from an insured, obtaining his bank routing. and his account number.

On October 4, the University Heights man, 68, who noticed a difference of $ 600 missing from his checking account, and records showed a deal with Santander auto financing with the State Farm employee being the recipient customer.

The employee came to the station and denied the allegations, saying she did not accept payment and spoke only briefly with the insured trying to pay for her car insurance, with further investigation underway .

Disturbance, material damage: Orange Place

Extended Stay South management had no intention of laying criminal charges against a 38-year-old Cleveland man who allegedly ransacked his hotel room and was found disoriented in the parking lot around 8:30 p.m. on October 6.

He told police he was recently released from Marymount Hospital and has not taken his mental health medication since.

Police said he didn’t seem to remember much or understand the severity of the damage to the room, still being assessed and recorded for a woman from Mayfield Heights, 42. The man was released and ordered not to return.

Money Order Served: Lander Road

A Solon man was released on personal bail totaling $ 5,000 after Strongsville police picked him up on or around October 6 and found two pending arrest warrants from Orange.

After transfer from custody, he told police he had had COVID-19 two weeks earlier and was still experiencing side effects, with Bedford Heights prison officials refusing to accept. after that. He was scheduled to appear in Bedford City Court on October 25.

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