Kimberly, Idaho Restaurant Post Smart Help Wanted


Local restaurant tackles worker shortage by asking for patience. The photograph was taken by our friend SGT Ken Mencl of the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office. I believe he was off duty at the time and with his wife looking for a quick bite of Fiesta Ole in Kimberly.

It is a difficult time for most businesses and especially restaurants. Some of my favorites have reduced hours.

That made me laugh. It’s a smart way to not only ask for your patience, but also advertise for help. Ken said he and his wife had a good laugh and the humor made the wait a little easier.

It is a difficult time for most businesses and especially restaurants. Some of my favorites have reduced hours. Buster’s in Hollister has started to close every Monday due to a lack of available staff.

When I get home on some days, I see people with signs begging for money. There are two popular corners. The one on Pole Line Road and Fillmore Street seems to have a shifting distribution. It’s like people are shooting the spot. Thursday was a man and what appeared to be his son. I almost shouted, “Get a job!” but I realized that I shouldn’t embarrass him in front of his children. And I don’t know his situation. While he looked young and fit, the man might be really stranded and in need of money for repairs.

There is another guy who used to position himself by IHOP, but after about a week he moved on.

Oh, and there was the guy who worked off the Interstate on Route 93, north of the Perrine Bridge. One day I gave him some money. It was summer and 101 degrees. I told him I gave him credit for working in the heat!

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