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The mega indoor sports complex will be located near the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Conference Center which opens on December 15 as part of the Younes Resort in South Kearney. A special state sales tax rebate and a voter-approved extension of Kearney’s 1% restaurant tax would be used to pay for the $ 34 million installation.

Courtesy of the Town of Kearney

It is predicted that the state sales tax reduction could generate about $ 17 million, or about half the cost of the indoor sports complex. If voters agree to extend the restaurant tax, the sports complex will be built on 15 acres of land at Talmadge Street and 10th Avenue, donated by businessman Paul Younes. Its Crowne Plaza hotel and conference center is scheduled to open on December 15, the day after December 14, when the vote to extend the restaurant tax ends.

In addition to the state sales tax cut and the restaurant tax extension, there are a number of other sources of money to build the sports complex.

The city has allocated $ 2.6 million in coronavirus stimulus funds to install water and sewers at the complex as well as a new paved Talmadge Street to access the sports complex from Yanney Avenue.

Approximately $ 300,000 per year in lodging and occupancy taxes will be available from the Kearney Visitors Bureau to help with resort operating expenses.

The complex will have a hard court / sports hall that can accommodate eight basketball courts which can be converted into 12 volleyball courts; multi-purpose turf field (one full-size football field, convertible to three smaller fields) three-lane running / walking track with additional sprint lane, four pickleball fields; offices, concessions, storage, toilets, elevator and stairs, maintenance / mechanics, permanent seats for 3,100 spectators plus portable seats for 300 spectators and other amenities. The public will also be able to attend training sessions.


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