Judge cites new state law as he leaves Covid curfew in place for restaurants and bars | Local News


The curfew was 10 p.m. when companies filed a lawsuit in January, then extended to 11 p.m., and from Monday it will be midnight.

Allowing facilities to remain open until 11 p.m. shows state officials believe public health protocols are working in facilities, said attorney Paul Cambria, one of the attorneys for the bars and restaurants.

Servers must wear masks. Clients must be seated 6 feet apart and wear masks when not seated at their tables, he told the judge during Friday’s hearing.

“They say restaurants can be open until 11 am, which obviously means they think those health protocols are enough,” Cambria said.

So how can the state justify an 11pm curfew, or even a midnight curfew, Cambria asked Walker.

“It’s still unfounded,” Cambria said of the curfew. “No science for that. No facts for that. Zip.”

Earlier this month, the state ended the curfew on cinemas, casinos, bowling alleys, pool halls, gymnasiums and fitness centers, said Corey Hogan, a another restaurant advocate.

“To our knowledge, there is no other business in New York City other than restaurants and bars that now have a restriction on how long or what their hours can be,” Hogan said.


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