JFNA launches initiative to help newly unemployed Jewish professionals


WASHINGTON – About a fifth of professionals in the Jewish community have been fired or put on leave due to the COVID-19[feminine pandémie, selon les Fédérations juives d’Amérique du Nord. Cette semaine, JFNA et JPRO, un réseau de professionnels de la communauté juive, ont lancé une nouvelle plateforme en ligne appelée Rise pour fournir des outils financiers et des conseils de carrière aux professionnels de la communauté juive. les vraies tragédies de cette pandémie ont été le nombre de personnes dans notre communauté qui ont perdu leur emploi », JFNA Le PDG Eric Fingerhut a déclaré au Jerusalem Post.

“This has hit particularly hard those who work in nonprofits, all of which rely entirely on charitable donations,” he said. “Numbers [of layoffs] represent up to 20% of our Jewish community workforce in North America. The JFNA feels a special obligation and responsibility to help those who have lost their jobs in the Jewish community setting, Fingerhut said. “We also know that it will have a dropping effect, because if someone is fired from JCC, maybe they can’t afford their day school, or they don’t have the money. means to send a child to the camp, and then the camp is in trouble, ”he said. “We are so interconnected in our Jewish community life that this is an area of ​​particular concern. “Eric Fingerhut (Courtesy)The new website offers information on government financial aid and Jewish community sources. The International Association of Jewish Free Loans provides emergency aid. “Jewish charitable resources differ from community to community,” Fingerhut said. “There are free loans in many communities. Financial assistance is available in many communities. In addition, professionals could also access fully funded career coaching sessions and connect with hiring managers. Unfortunately, not everyone could go back to their previous job, Fingerhut said, adding, “You have to have jobs that just don’t exist. [right now, such as] people who run gyms, for example, people who run travel. “In partnership with the network of Jewish social service agencies, Rise offers webinars designed to help with job searches, writing resumes and going through interviews virtually.” We know that losing a job is overwhelming. ‘one of the most moving, difficult and stressful events in anyone’s life,’ said Fingerhut. “And so we need emotional support, counseling, mentoring, and that’s part of it. For a lot of these jobs, people are going to have to change careers. We cannot promise that work will return in the same field that you were in before. Therefore, vocational guidance and career support are essential. “UJA-Federation of New York was one of the first funders of the new initiative.“ UJA has a long-standing commitment to supporting professionals who work in our Jewish nonprofit sector. ”The CEO of the ‘UJA-Federation of New York, Eric S. Goldstein, told the Post in a statement. “The Rise program’s career services are led by extremely talented and experienced coaches who will help many field workers identify and prepare for new career opportunities. ”


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