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BLOOMINGDALE — A new program is coming to Jefferson County Joint Vocational School after leaders officially added heavy equipment instruction to the curriculum.

The JVS school board took steps on Tuesday to include the program on the list after receiving interest from potential students. Superintendent Todd Phillipson said six students who attended sophomore tours in November indicated they would enroll in the class while another half-dozen chose it as their second option. Representatives of local equipment companies who were on hand for the visits said there was an ever-increasing need for help with building construction and road infrastructure and that a new program would provide workers to fill these slots. JVS officials had been in touch with the Washington County Career Center to learn more about their successful program and hoped to have enough interest to start the program in the next school year.

Asked by board members at the meeting, Phillipson said there seemed to be enough students to add the lab to the curriculum and there was a need to hire an instructor and gain experience. ‘equipment.

“It’s about 95% of being a trial,” he said. “We need to start planning. We had six applications and 12 had him as second choice. I wish I had at least 10, but six is ​​pretty good. If we can do eight, we can go ahead.

“I think it’s a good step forward” said Board Member Ron Smyth.

Another board member, Kim Mark, asked what determines whether a student enters a program and the superintendent said it was on a first-come, first-served basis. Further discussions ensued about obtaining simulators and other equipment to prepare the lab and finding grants and other funding to fund them. After further discussion, the board agreed to move forward with the program.

“If we get six in the first year, the second year it would be complete”, said board chairman Larry George. “This program adds something new. The last was small animal science about five years ago.

Meanwhile, officials have hired architect Mike Thompson to complete renovations to the cosmetology lab. The lab is set to undergo its first makeover since 2000 this summer and will receive new flooring, workstations and other upgrades to freshen up the space. Thompson attended the meeting and gave a brief overview of his services, saying he was asked to review the lab for ideas and that he sent out specifications after retrieving existing drawings.

“I can put together drawings to make sure it meets specifications and then you can submit it to an offer”, Thompson went on to say that he, Phillipson and Treasurer Karen Spoonmoore would consider offers for the best price. “We’ll be reviewing a short list of contractors and I’ll be doing inspections to make sure they’re compliant.”

The council then authorized the treasurer to prepare the necessary publicity for bids on the project and the leaders planned to start work once the school year was over.

In another action, the board heard culinary arts teacher Glen Zalenski talk about his program after the board dined at the Crestview Inn restaurant that evening as part of a belated celebration of the school board’s appreciation month. from January. Zalenski said he had all the freshmen and was happy with their skills, adding that the restaurant was open Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. were available.

• Heard about Phillipson on construction and land projects, including paint jobs in the electrical mechanics lab and on-site sidewalk improvements;

• Heard by Supervisor Dan Hartman on Nominations/CTE-26 for 2022-23 and Supervisor Andy Long reported on a review of functioning high schools;

• Announcement of competition placers for the recent Skills Spotlight competition;

• Approval of College Credit Plus Memoranda of Understanding with Kent State University and Eastern Gateway Community College for the 2022-23 school year;

• Approved Tammy Sismondo and Kelly Prokopakis to take 15 students to the Columbus Convention Center for the Ohio HOSA State Championship March 23-25, and Becky Kelley and Deanna Hines to take five students to Woodridge High School for the FCCLA regional competition in the Peninsula, Ohio, March 11-12.

• The announced parent-teacher conferences will take place on March 1, 2022 from 3:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.

• Announcement of spring conferences for the Northeast OSBA region on March 16 in Massillon and March 28 in Warren. JVS board member Larry George and William Hendricks will be among the local leaders recognized and will receive honors for 35 years of involvement;

• Announced no schools on February 21 for President’s Day; and

• Set the next board meeting for March 15 at 5:00 p.m.

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