Gourmet Provisions International Corp. (GMPR) announces that it is OTC Current


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Pittsburgh, Pa., December 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Gourmet Provisions International Corporation (OTC Pink: GMPR) today announced that it has made all of its filings and has been listed as Pink Current on the OTC . On November 22, Gourmet Provisions International released its 3rd strong quarterly financial statement and was approved by the CTA and brought to Pink Current.

James Vowler President and CEO of Gourmet Provisions International Corp. said, “Over the next few months, we plan to issue a consistent number of press releases informing our shareholders of the exciting, value-added achievements we are making. This is a very exciting time for our business with the acquisition of the Black Rock Steak House locations, the launch of our new gluten-free Pizza Fusion pizzas, over $ 4 million in funding commitments before NASDAQ, Gourmet Pancakes at Tellers sold out, Jose Madrid Salsa in over 150 stores. outlets, PopsyCakes partnership with a million dollar candy company, huge Florida school lunch program, new product distribution nationwide, international sales, NASDAQ-eligible bank on board 15 engagements million dollars, audited and updated financial statements to NASDAQ, to name a few. “

About Gourmet Provisions International Corporation:

Gourmet Provisions International Corp. introduced the Jack Brewer as GMPR Brand Ambassador and Brewer Media & Entertainment Group in October 2017. Brewer Media Group was engaged to help build all aspects of the many Gourmet brands. With a focus on increasing online and retail sales, social media presence and overall content, public personality and brand awareness, gaining acquisition opportunities and much more. The company has five wholly owned subsidiaries José Madrid Salsa, Pizza Fusion, Unique Tap House, Unique Foods CBD Edibles & Popsy Cakes and has a license agreement with Christopher Street products.

Gourmet Provisions International has also partnered with a NY Times bestselling author and popular comedian to help establish and launch a gourmet food line starting with his own personal line of Pancake Mix & Syrup, all under his custom brand ( all the exciting details will be published in a press release shortly).

Pizza Fusion Gourmet Provisions International Corp. acquired the award-winning Pizza Fusion brand, with existing locations in the United States and Saudi Arabia, in March 2019. In 2006, Pizza Fusion changed the pizza industry with its delicious, award-winning organic and gluten-free products . healthy pizzas, with an emphasis on each product and location, in line with the company motto “Save the Earth One Pizza at a Time!” “.

GMPR announced in July the launch of three Restaurant Gourmet quality frozen pizzas under the Pizza Fusion brand and now sells in over 60 Midwestern grocery stores:

The “four cheese” pizza starts with our rich personalized tomato sauce made with premium tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, topped with real mozzarella, romano, tasty asiago and our hearty parmesan cheeses, all cooked over award-winning spinach, personalized and gluten free OGGI Foods Crust;

The “Founders’ Pie” pizza is topped with our custom made pizza sauce, extra virgin olive oil, oregano, basil, real Mozzarella, Romano, Asiago and Parmesan cheeses, cherry tomatoes imported from Italy, red onions in diced, fresh spinach on OGGI Foods Custom Gluten Free Broccoli Crust;

Pizza “the vegan” if your family is looking for restaurant-quality, healthy, gluten-free vegan pizza, our new pizza “The Vegan” ticks all the boxes! This delicious pizza is served with our fresh tomato sauce, imported from Italy, grilled and fire roasted zucchini, eggplants, red and yellow peppers, white onions and diced tomatoes, beef chips and Beyond Meat plant-based sausages, topped with our vegan mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. , all that delicious on OGGI Foods gluten-free hand-stretched beet crust.

Popsy Cakes “The First and Only Cupcake on a Pretzel” debuted with its new PopsyBites on the popular Fox News Channel show “The five” and the new bite-sized gourmet treat has since been a big hit in retail. The company has signed a 50/50 partnership agreement with an annual Pittsburgh-based $ 16 million Candy Company that can handle nationwide production and distribution (more details to be announced soon).

Christopher Street products “Supporting the LGBT Community” has sold over 15 unique products in HomeGoods, Wine Enthusiasts Magazine has rated the Christopher Street Cabernet Sauvignon at 90, further distribution via Winelife Distributors NYC. Gourmet Provisions is teaming up with a world-renowned cosmetics maker to produce an exclusive line of premium lipsticks (all exciting details in a press release soon).

José Madrid Salsa “The Healthy Fundraiser” continued to lead in the fundraising category, expanded its offices and production facilities in Ohio, recently purchased a custom delivery vehicle, and will expand to more than 100 outlets in the States United and Canada.

Black Rock Bar & Grill (GMPR signed a letter of intent to purchase 6 Black Rock Bar & Grill locations)

Where it all started

It all started on October 27, 2010, in Hartland, Michigan, a small town in a very tightly knit community.

Black Rock Bar & Grill opened and brought with it a one-of-a-kind dining experience. By combining family recipes, a 755 degree volcanic rock, and a love for food, the Morganroth family knew they were ideally suited for the restaurant industry; However, they had no restaurant experience, only working on their dream of what Black Rock might become.

With a very determined family and the help of the community, Black Rock has grown into something remarkable. Voted Michigan’s # 1 steakhouse for three consecutive years, the family entered a 2013 nationwide competition to be named America’s Next Top Restaurant Franchise and won # 1! Today, Black Rock is growing across the country. We are home grown and soon to be known nationally.


Welcome to Black Rock Bar & Grill, an award-winning steakhouse specializing in certified Angus Beef ® steaks served and cooked to perfection by you on sizzling volcanic rock at 755 °. Our concept ensures that every bite is as hot and juicy as the first, and is always cooked the way you like it!

This method of cooking is the most recent phenomenon in the culinary world. It creates a memorable dining experience, making Black Rock the perfect restaurant for special occasions, as well as for everyday dining with friends and family.


Visit the Black Rock Bar & Grill website: https://www.blackrockrestaurants.com/

Twitter:@ GourmetProvInt @ PizzaFusion @ MadridSalsa @ PopsyCakes @ UniquePizzaTapH @ ChristopherS_T_

Instagram: instagram.com/gourmet_provisions_int instagram.com/pizzafusion

Websites:Gourmet Provisions International Corp: http: //www.GourmetProvisionsInternational.comJose Madrid Salsa: http: //www.JoseMadridSalsa.comChristopher Street Products: https://i09321.wixsite.com/christopherstreetnyc

Safe Harbor Act: This press release includes forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 27E of the Securities Act of 1934. Statements contained in this press release that are not historical facts can be considered as prospective. staring statements. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking statements are inherently uncertain. Actual performance and results may differ materially from those projected or suggested herein due to certain risks and uncertainties, including, without limitation, the ability to obtain funding and regulatory and shareholder approval for planned actions. There is no financial data in this press release, so it is not necessary and compromises the release.

For Gourmet Provisions International Corp. Investor Relations, contact: [email protected]

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$ GMPR – Gourmet Provisions International Corp. (GMPR) announces that it is OTC Current

The “four cheese” pizza

$ GMPR – Gourmet Provisions International Corp. (GMPR) announces that it is OTC Current

Pizza “the vegan”

$ GMPR – Gourmet Provisions International Corp. (GMPR) announces that it is OTC Current

The “Founders’ Pie” pizza

$ GMPR – Gourmet Provisions International Corp. (GMPR) announces that it is OTC Current

Popsy Cakes

$ GMPR – Gourmet Provisions International Corp. (GMPR) announces that it is OTC Current

José Madrid Salsa

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