Gainesville parking lot 10 hosted alfresco dining during COVID-19, but land could soon be developed


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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – Parking lot 10 in Gainesville has become the outdoor eating spot during the COVID-19 pandemic, but city commissioners are considering building proposals on the vacant property.

The commissioners of the town of Gainesville voted unanimously to authorize the town manager to negotiate with AMJ Group Inc. regarding the purchase and development of lot 10. This group is already in the process of developing a land in downtown while working on the new Hyatt Place project. WAN President Mike Warren explained that his group was planning a project that would transform downtown Gainesville.

“We can turn Lot 10, which has been vacant for over 20 years, into a dynamic, versatile addition to our city,” said Warren.

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However, a resident believes that building on lot 10 would change the dynamics of the area.

“It would make this whole region so different. It would lock us up, ”said Aly Anderson, a resident of Gainesville. “We wouldn’t have that nice feeling of being outside, seeing oak trees and seeing other people.”

According to Warren, this project proposed by AMJ would address several areas, including residential and commercial spaces.

“Our proposed project is a 7-10 story mixed-use development ranging from 175,000 square feet to approximately 250,000 square feet. Downtown Gainesville has long been viewed as a food desert and we suggest the downstairs be a grocery store, ”Warren said.

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He explained that the second floor would be a parking lot, mainly for groceries. In addition, there would be between 1 and 4 floors of offices and 4 floors of residential units, which would be equivalent to 72 condos at the cost of labor.

However, people are comfortable with downtown skyscrapers.

“We have to preserve this land. Keep it in town and make it enjoyable for residents, ”said Jasper Anderson, a resident of Gainesville.

The municipal commission will come back to this subject in August.

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