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NORTHLAKE, Texas, April 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Farmer Bros. Co. (NASDAQ: FARM) (the “Company”) today announced the completion of a new $ 127.5 million four-year financing agreement $ 80.0 million asset-backed revolving credit facility and a $ 47.5 million term loan maturing in April 2025. This agreement replaces its existing revolving credit facility which was due to mature in November 2023, and provides significantly greater borrowing capacity during the term of the agreement. deal at a lower overall cost. to borrow. In addition, the new agreement reduces or eliminates several covenants from its existing credit facility.

Scott Drake, Chief Financial Officer, said: “We are pleased to enter into this new financing agreement, which provides greater flexibility to leverage our significant real estate and equipment in addition to our traditional ABL assets, and is a important step in preserving our financial liquidity and further solidifying our capital structure. This new agreement also reduces the overall cost structure of our debt while lengthening maturities and eliminating certain commitments, allowing us to focus more on our key initiatives to accelerate growth and innovation and better position ourselves on the market. long term.

The financing was led by Wells Fargo Bank. In accordance with the terms of the financing agreement, the proceeds may be used for general corporate purposes and the Company may prepay the amounts borrowed under the revolving asset-backed credit facility at any time without premium. nor penalty.

About Farmer Brothers

Founded in 1912, Farmer Bros. Co. is a nationwide roaster, wholesaler and distributor of coffee, tea and culinary products. The company’s product lines include organic, direct trade and sustainably produced coffee. With a robust line of coffee, hot and iced teas, cappuccino mixes, spices and pastry / cookie mixes, the company offers extensive beverage and culinary planning services to its US-based customers. United. The company serves a wide variety of customers, from small independent restaurants and food service operators to large institutional buyers such as chain restaurants, department stores and convenience stores, hotels, casinos, healthcare facilities and gourmet cafes. , as well as grocery chains offering private label coffee. and branded coffee and tea consumer products, and foodservice distributors.

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