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KOLKATA: The West Bengal government on Saturday limited the number of guests at wedding ceremonies and family reunions to 50 to verify the surge in coronavirus cases, an official said.

The state administration on Friday ordered the closure of shopping malls, beauty salons, restaurants, bars, sports complexes, gymnasiums, spas and swimming pools and ordered the markets to remain open for hours. limited hours – 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. pm.

All “points of sale for services related to health, electricity, telecommunications, transport, groceries, sweets, milk supply will remain outside the limits of the embargo”, a indicated on Saturday a government decree.

“As a continuation of yesterday’s order, we have decided to limit the number of guests to 50 people at wedding ceremonies and family reunions and they must wear masks, use disinfectant and maintain a physical distance “, said the official.

The state government previously allowed 200 people for wedding ceremonies after the COVId-19 situation improved in the state.

The state also banned all forms of social, cultural, academic and entertainment-related gatherings on Friday.

Meanwhile, restaurants large and small in the state are facing a “virtual shutdown of business,” said a senior official from the East India Hotel and Restaurant Association (HRAEI).

The state government on Friday ordered the closure of all restaurants, shopping malls, beauty salons, bars, sports complexes, gyms, spas and swimming pools with immediate effect until further notice.

Restaurants are allowed to deliver food to homes.

HRAEI President Sudesh Poddar told PTI that less than 5% of total restaurants can afford to deliver to homes and the rest are only seeing a brief turnaround since last November and the Christmas and New Years season. Year.

However, crowds have started to thin again since March, as the report of the COVID-19 escalation came from other parts of the country and the latest blow was the notification from the state government.

Poddar said: “While many restaurants were unable to open after the last lockdown, others have tried to stay afloat. We are concerned that some of them will close again even after the pandemic situation ends. be appeased. “

Manthan restaurant and bar in Poddar had to close its premises after the notification was sudden, he said.

A spokesperson for Aminia Restaurant, a popular Mughlai-themed restaurant chain, said restaurant sales had “turned into online sales, so we didn’t suffer a lot of losses. May – being that 1 percent of the sale was reduced no more than that. “

“Our door-to-door delivery has generated more sales compared to other food apps because the prices are much lower when it comes to door-to-door delivery so people prefer it more. delivery increased from 13-14% and only a 3-4% increase is due to online applications. The rest is from our own delivery process, “he said.

The delivery sale at Aminia is a combination of its home delivery and delivery through certain apps, he said, adding that this time around, the sale had not been affected as much due to this announcement. sudden.

The sale is not affected much as the dining sale has been converted to door-to-door delivery.

Debaditya Choudhury, of Chinese food restaurant chain Chowman, said: “Our delivery sales were quick to pick up even during last year’s lockdown and we did pretty well. We are well prepared this time around- this too and I am sure we will do even better than the previous year as we have added at least 50 bikers to our own delivery fleet. “

“As our restaurant will remain close, few of the staff have been invited to stay at home at this time, but they will enjoy all the benefits of the business and we will continue to support them as we always have.”

He said that although the announcement by the state government was sudden to everyone, “it was quite anticipated by us and I’m sure other F&B companies, looking at the current scenario. “

Restaurants were allowed to deliver food to homes.


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