Eleven Madison Park launches meal delivery service with $150 meal kits


About a year after Daniel Humm shook up the foodie world when he announced that Eleven Madison Park would be switching to an all-vegan menu, the acclaimed chef is stepping up his efforts to cook meatless with a new meal kit delivery company. Hmm announcement Tuesday morning, the beginnings of Eleven Madison Homea weekly subscription service featuring vegan meals and snacks from the restaurant.

Subscriptions start at $150, for a small box that claims to feed one, with a larger option of $285 for two. The menu changes weekly, but includes a meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a soup, snack, and produce—enough food for “a day” of vegan meals. The first box includes whole-grain rolled oats with rhubarb compote, a celeriac salad sandwich on focaccia, and home-baked snickerdoodle cookies.

Local businesses are also getting into the subscription service. Eleven Madison Park has teamed up with local roaster Devoción for a $25 bag of coffee beans that can be ordered a la carte, and there’s a $75 taco al pastor kit for four made in partnership with Bushwick tortilleria Sober Massa.

Chinatown’s outdoor food festival returns

An outdoor food and culture festival returns to Chinatown this spring under a new name. Chinatown Nights, from local band Think! Chinatown, was launched from Forsyth Plaza last fall to support neighborhood small business owners recovering from a year of slow business due to the pandemic. It returns for a total of five nights this spring and summer under a new name, Chinatown Night Market, starting with a night of art and food on Friday, May 20. The range of food vendors currently includes Malaysian hit Kopitiam and dessert shop Alimama, with more vendors to be announced closer to the opening date.

Buffalo food court changes ‘hundreds of lives’

Enjoy your meal head north this week to showcase West Side Bazaar, a Buffalo, New York food court that also serves as a talent incubator for immigrants, refugees and long-time locals. The space, managed by a non-profit association Westminster Economic Development Initiative, helps chefs obtain microloans, establish credit, build a clientele and amass the financial resources needed to eventually open a brick-and-mortar business, according to the publication. There are over 120 restaurateurs waiting for their chance to open inside.

A well-known pizzeria is expanding in the East Village

The East Village pizzeria, Luzzo’s, is expanding into the neighborhood. According to Sorrow EV, restaurateur and pizza maker Michele Iuliano has confirmed he is opening a second location of the pizzeria, known for its thin-crust Neapolitan pizzas and numerous Michelin winks, at 15 Avenue B at East Second Street. Luzzo’s opened its flagship pizzeria, also in the East Village, at 211 First Avenue between 12th and 13th Streets in 2004.


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