Disney is giving a detailed look at the Avengers campus ahead of its opening!



Disneyland officially reopened after 412 days and it looks like things can’t get better. However, there is another major Disneyland Resort milestone to look forward to.

On June 4, the all-new Disneyland Resort land will open in Disney California Adventure Park – Avengers Campus!

Credit: Disney

Disney announced the opening of the Avengers Campus in early April. Guests saw photos and received more information on what to expect when they enter the Avengers campus in June, including what the surroundings will be like and where they can get delicious bites. .

Credit: Disney

Well, now Disney is giving us an even deeper look at what visitors will see when they visit Avengers Campus. The Disney Parks Blog has shared some highlights from the new Disney California Adventure Campus, and we need them now on June 4th!

The Disney Parks blog writes:

Calling all superhero recruits! We recently shared first look footage of Avengers campus, opening to Disney california adventure park on June 4. Today, I’m excited to bring you back inside the Avengers Campus for a closer look at some of the details you might come across while visiting the various locations. But first, did you know that Campus is synonymous with a centralized assembly mobilized to prepare, unite and protect? Now you know!

Credit: Disney

One of the first new photos Disney shared was the entrance to the Avengers campus – pictured below. The entrance will be located right next door guardians of the galaxy: Mission Breakout!

The retheme of the tower of terror guardians of the galaxy was the first step in bringing Marvel to Disneyland Resort. Before that, guests only had photo opportunities with superheroes like Captain America and Spider-Man. guardians of the galaxy opened in May 2017.

Avengers campus
Credit: Disney

A beautiful new blue coloring can be seen in the theme park, and it is described by the Disney Parks Blog:

A late addition to the campus, Taneleer Tivan, aka the collector, placed his fortress against its edges. This placement warped the ground immediately surrounding the alien fortress, causing a cosmic disturbance that oozed from the ground below. Shades of blues, purples and yellows glow in the daylight. Pretty rad, eh?

Avengers Campus will also include the new restaurant, Pym Test Kitchen. Disney shared a look at the interior of the restaurant, and it’s quite mind-blowing. Take a look below!

Pym kitchen
Credit: Disney

Disney describes the new restaurant:

Around the corner, Pym Test Kitchen with Impossible â„¢ is a science lab for food innovation where food and drink tell a story. As we’ve shared before, just like Ant-Man and The Wasp use ‘pym particles’ to grow and shrink just about anything, Pym Technologies is applying this innovative science to creating inventively sized foods, like pretzels that grow and shrink. as they pass through the quantum tunnel. This logic also applies to drinks and condiments, seen here above in the drinks and condiments station. No appetite is too big or too small here!

kitchen test pym kitchen test pym avengers campus
Credit: Disney

The Disney Parks Blog also shared more amazing details and photos from the Avengers campus, including where guests can go and meet some of their favorite superheroes.

Avengers Campus Character Zone
Credit: Disney

By Disney:

Back outside, we come to the heart of the country – the Avengers Headquarters, where you’ll find the iconic Avengers “A” on the building and surrounding area. At Avengers HQ, you might get a glimpse of the Avengers springing into action, ready to save the day. A shiny Quinjet sits atop its rooftop like a beacon for the campus.

Continuing the new Avengers Campus Photographic Tour, guests are driven to the Old Sanctuary.

Avengers campus
Credit: Disney

Disney writes about this area:

Nearby, but what appears to be in another dimension are the overgrown ruins of an ancient shrine. For as long as we can remember, rumors of unexplained events and energies have emanated from this remote location. Here you will learn mysterious secrets from Doctor Strange and discover ancient magical artifacts. Photographed here, the Orb of Cagliostro is known to be especially active at night when it flows with magical energy!

Disney is wrapping up its new tour with the section on the superhero who started the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. A recently released photo shows customers the Stark Motor Industry building.

Stark Engines
Credit: Disney

The Disney Parks Blog writes:

And for our final stop on today’s tour, we come to the front of the earth. In the 1940s, Tony Stark’s father built a Stark Motors factory here in California, and decades later Tony transformed the site into the Global Engineering Brigade – also known as WEB. This is the place where brilliant innovators like Peter Parker were brought together by Tony Stark to invent new technology and equip ordinary people to become heroes. While the Avengers themselves are sleek, organized, and structured, WEB is expressive, youthful, and chaotic. You will notice this throughout the WEB. For example, outside the old factory building, you can’t miss the colorful graffiti murals created by talented young recruits for the arts.

WEB Graffiti
Credit: Disney

This photo tour was exactly what we needed to get our Avengers Campus fix. Disney is giving us so much more information as we get closer to June 4th, but this is just a small glimpse of the Marvel world guests will be immersed in!

What are you most looking forward to experiencing when the Avengers Campus opens on June 4? Let us know in the comments!

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