Deliveroo continues to support and partner with post-Covid independent restaurants


Deliveroo has nearly doubled its partner restaurants in Belfast since the start of the pandemic to meet growing demand, it says.

he number of restaurants and food establishments partnering with the delivery app has increased by 89% since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic here.

Meanwhile, his orders are more than five times higher than at the start of the pandemic due to the addition of new restaurants.

Some of these places include Bao Bun, Yo Burger, Wing It, Banger, and Kamakura.

The delivery service also works alongside retailers such as Centra, Co-Op and Spar.

The growth has seen the company support around 550 new jobs, he added. And he claimed the growth was continuing despite the easing of lockdown restrictions and the opening of restaurants.

Deliveroo and other food delivery companies have provided a lifeline for the city’s hospitality industry throughout the pandemic by helping restaurants continue operations and reach new customers during lockdowns.

Deliveroo, which launched in the city in 2016, is committed to supporting the growth of small independent restaurants and has helped many partners set up new delivery services to support their business.

Brieffney Brass, Regional Director of Deliveroo Ireland, said: “We are really proud of our growth in Belfast and excited to see what the future holds for us in the city as we continue to deliver great local independent restaurants and groceries right to consumers’ doorsteps.

“Having provided a vital service during the pandemic, we are committed to continuing to support our restaurant partners and the local community as we move forward.”

Gareth Bell, Managing Director of Banger, one of Deliveroo’s catering partners in Belfast, said: “Deliveroo has been a key growth driver for our business, complementing our strong sit-in service site.

“They allow us to take advantage of the typically ‘slower’ weekdays, where we can target advertising and promotions to increase our sales. Deliveroo’s customer service and restaurant support services are second to none – very easy to use and effective.”

Jonny Beckett and Callum Robson, owners of Wing It, another partner restaurant in Belfast, said: “Deliveroo has complemented our business incredibly well. Since joining the platform at the end of the pandemic, we have already seen significant growth and an increase in return orders. The support we get from the Deliveroo team is excellent and most importantly they help us reach new customers and we know our food will always arrive to customers just as it left.

Deciphering the trends of its users in Belfast, Deliveroo said burritos took first place as the most popular dish in Belfast, followed closely by a cheeseburger, while the most requested vegan dish is a bowl of acai.

He revealed that American and Mexican food are the most popular cuisines in Belfast, pizza is also one of the most searched takeaways on the Deliveroo app.

The company said households in Belfast are also experimenting with other cuisines, with orders for Japanese food rising by 65%.

During the pandemic, Deliveroo and NSPCC have announced a partnership to help children who may be at risk of abuse or neglect.

He said the idea of ​​a partnership between Deliveroo and NSPCC was developed when, during the pandemic, a rider contacted the NSPCC after being concerned for the welfare of a child. Accordingly, measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the child.

The company was created by Will Shu in London in 2013. It is now present in 11 countries.


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