Delhi HC calls on government to make decision on restaurant hookah service



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New Delhi [India], Sep 17 (ANI): The Delhi High Court on Friday asked the Delhi government and the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) to make a decision on the sale or service of herbal flavored hookah in the Delhi restaurants, eateries and bars.

A bench of Judge Rekha Palli sent a notice to the NCT Delhi government on September 30, 2021, also called on stakeholders to make a decision bearing in mind that livelihoods must be balanced.

The court also asked the respondent to think about all aspects when you also open other activities and they (the applicants) are ready to commit to safety standards.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government strongly opposed the call and said “no hookahs are allowed in the current pandemic.” A single mistake can cause problems for all of Delhi, as using or sharing hookah can further increase the spread of COVID-19.

“Hookah is not a necessary thing. The use of hookah, whether Harbal, with or without tobacco, is strictly prohibited in all public places, including hotels, restaurants, restaurants, bars and pubs, in the area. national capital, ”said lawyer Santosh Kumar Tripathi, appearing for the Delhi government submitted.

Several bars, restaurants and eateries have recently approached the Delhi High Court asking the court to order the Delhi government and Delhi police not to interfere with the sale or service of herbal hookahs and not to interfere with the sale or service of herbal hookahs. not take coercive or adverse action.

Lawyer Nandini Sahni representing the petitioners asserted that the individual hookah will be provided to customers and will not be shared with other customers at any cost, in the restaurants and restaurants they operate.

The petitioners also ask the court to prohibit the respondents from causing any obstruction or interference in the proper functioning of the petitioner’s dining house, restaurant, bar and to allow herbal hookah service in the restaurant. / bar of the petitioner.

The plea further stated that the petitioners had suffered heavy financial losses as a result of their business being shut down during the lockdown for almost 14-15 months and now that the petitioner has recently started his business and the Delhi Police are on the move. illegally interfere in the management of the company, as a result, he let the attendance decrease.

The holiday season is fast approaching and the applicant company wants to run its business smoothly and earn money so that it can repay its previous loans, debts and rent arrears. (ANI)



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