COVID-19: Restaurants refusing to participate in traffic light system and verify vaccination certificates



New Lynn’s Lone Star restaurant on Tuesday advertised roles for people who were not vaccinated against COVID-19, the New Zealand herald reported.

As part of the traffic light system, vaccination mandates will apply to border workers, healthcare workers, education staff, all employees in hotels, events, gatherings, contact businesses narrow and gyms.

The government has made COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for workers in certain industries and functions, with frontline redeployment possible for those who refuse, and introduced vaccination certificates to reduce the spread of the virus that killed more than 5.2 million people and infected nearly 263 million people worldwide.

Vaccination not only greatly reduces the likelihood of people becoming infected with COVID-19, but also reduces the risk that people pass it on to someone else or become seriously ill.

The New Lynn Lone Star ad has since been retired. The restaurant owner declined to comment, but the Lone Star franchise operations manager confirmed that all of its franchises must meet government health obligations, the herald reported.

However, other companies Newshub spoke with are eager to open after receiving information about the new traffic light system.

“It’s pretty easy, I downloaded everything I need to go there so we’re ready to switch on December 3. I really have no qualms about it,” said Debbie Walsh, owner by The Nail Lounge.

“I can’t wait to reopen,” Walsh told Newshub last week.

Rhys Jolly of Playground Fitness NZ said he was excited to open after more than 100 days of foreclosure in Auckland.

“Pretty easy for us personally, we’ve always operated where you stay in your lane, so each lane is at least a meter apart,” he said of the new settings. “Bring on Friday.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters in Hamilton on Tuesday that the traffic light system was designed to keep unvaccinated people safe.

“The traffic light system aims to provide greater protection than what we currently have. By using passes for vaccines, it ensures that unvaccinated people are not put at risk in environments where it is more. hard to protect them and I’m convinced we can do that. “



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