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Peterborough Public Health said it served a Section 22 order on the Peterburgers operator on Thursday, requiring it to either comply with Ontario’s COVID-19 safety requirements or close the restaurant.

Peterburgers has already received three fines (each $ 880 each) on October 8 under the Ontario Reopening Act for failing to collect customer contact information, requesting proof of vaccination and identification, and carrying of face coverings. The health unit said the fines were imposed following written and verbal warnings about adhering to COVID-19 protocols the province put into effect on September 22.

Ontario suspended lifting capacity limits on Nov. 10 at high-risk establishments such as food and beverage establishments.

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“I urge the operator to recognize that non-compliance is a serious problem and a risk to our community,” said Julie Ingram, director of environmental health for the health unit.

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“Ultimately, the operator must comply with this order.”

The health unit says the section 22 order was issued under the Health Promotion and Protection Act, which governs the prevention of the spread of disease and the promotion and protection of health in the province.

“Food premises are considered high risk environments for transmission of COVID-19 because face coverings cannot always be worn and there is close contact between waiters and diners,” said Dr Ian Gemmill, Acting Medical Officer of Health.

“This is why the Ontario government has implemented community safety measures such as proof of vaccination verification, screening for symptoms of COVID-19 and contact tracing requirements. We had to serve this restaurateur with a Section 22 ordinance because she deliberately defied provincial regulations, despite warnings and charges under the Ontario Reopening Act.

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Gemmill noted that non-compliance or voluntary closure of the premises will lead to an escalation of measures necessary to ensure compliance with public health measures. This could include a fine of up to $ 5,000 for each day or part of a day that the violation occurs or continues, as well as the possibility of closure by the health unit.

A week ago Roy Asselstine, who owns the George Street North business with his wife Nicole, said in a video that he had received a “cease and desist order” from public health and a called the letter “toilet paper”.

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Last weekend, Asselstine was joined by supporters who spent the night at the restaurant, as health officials expected health officials to order the business to shut down. In videos circulating on Twitter and Facebook, Asselstine called on supporters to stay in his restaurant and later “arm in arm” around the building.

Subsequent videos showed supporters sleeping in the restaurant throughout that week as late as Thursday morning.

“We are asking for help now – the health unit has informed our landlord that they will come and shut us up and change the locks,” Asselstine said Thursday. “We are expecting him tomorrow. Anyone who is available tomorrow or until the day they do, we want to surround this building with supportive people and make those people as uncomfortable as possible and let them know how we feel.

He also demanded that individuals “bombard” the health unit with emails with “legislation” and “proof” that it is against the law for business owners and employees to ask for proof of vaccination. .

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