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The government of Quebec confirmed Tuesday evening that restaurants and bars will be able to open outdoor terraces on May 28 and June 11 respectively, even in the red zones of the province.

“After the Prime Minister’s speech, people were already asking, ‘Can we have our table? Ziggy’s pub owner Ziggy Eichenbaum said.

On Wednesday, the owner of the downtown water point was wiping down his outdoor tables and chairs in anticipation of his pubs reopening on June 11.

For many bars like the one in Eichenbaum that have been closed in the past seven months, the government’s plan to reopen is a lifeline.

“I prepare everything. I’m very, very excited, ”he told Global News.

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By the time the outdoor terraces are allowed to reopen, the Lion of Burgundy courtyard will be ready to serve and celebrate.

“Eight pints and breakfast. This – I’m very serious. Like, looks like I’m kidding, but I’m not. The Lion will have its terrace ready and we will be open at 8:00 am, pints and breakfast, ”said restaurant owner Paul Desbaillets.

However, not all restaurants will welcome customers right away. The Italian restaurant Rita in Verdun is an establishment without a date of reopening.

“It’s great news that things are starting to happen; there is some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately the tunnel is still very long from where we would like to be, ”said owner Joseph D’alleva.

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The restaurant on Wellington Street has yet to build its outdoor dining space, which D’alleva says will cost a pretty dime this year.

“Our deck will probably cost 30% more than it did last year because of the wood shortage and other shortages and just high demand.”

D’alleva is also in the process of hiring new staff. The restaurant operated its takeout using a small team during the pandemic, around 16 employees were made redundant.

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“For us, it’s a big bet that we’re going to play because we hire everyone now, do we hire people a little later.”

Before the terraces open, restaurateurs want to remind diners ready to be patient and kind when they are doing their best to serve customers for the first time in months.

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