Construction walls appear at Universal Orlando CityWalk



Credit: Inside the Magic, Minions: Universal

Construction has appeared at Universal CityWalk again! But what is it for this time?

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orlando universal station
Credit: Universal

During a recent visit to the Universal Orlando Resort, we noticed construction walls covering the Quiet Flight Surf Shop, located next to the CityWalk cinema. Signage indicates that the store is open during construction, and there is easy access to the store at the entrance closest to the cinema.

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Here are some pictures of what the blue construction walls look like:

CityWalk universal construction
Credit: Inside the Magic
Universal Construction CityWalk
Credit: Inside the Magic

The construction extends to Cinnabon. It’s unclear at this time if Quiet Flight will stay at CityWalk or if the store will be replaced by something else. It looks like it could just be a renovation of the outdoor space since the store remained open during construction.

There have been a lot of new stores recently at CityWalk at the Universal Orlando Resort. Universal has replaced a few retail outlets with a giant Universal store in CityWalk which you can read more about here.

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Universal store
Credit: Bioreconstruct on Twitter

We also recently reported on a new restaurant that has been added to Universal CityWalk. This new take-out location is located on the second level of CityWalk above the cinema. Called Bend the Bao, this new restaurant serves delicious bao which is the perfect meal or snack while on vacation. The flavors are interesting and I highly recommended a visit to Bend the Bao!

Fold the Bao CityWalk
Credit: Universal

We’ll have to wait and see what Universal has in store for Quiet Flight. Personally, I love the surf shop so I hope the storefront will reopen with a new look. You can consult the official Universal site here for Quiet Flight opening hours.

Let us know which stores you’d like to see coming to CityWalk at Universal Orlando in the comments below!

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