CCTV footage from Jersey City restaurant shows moment when teen leaves newborn baby with customer



A 14-year-old girl left her newborn baby with a customer at a Jersey City restaurant and fled on May 19.

Frankie Aguilar, the restaurant owner El Patron, in the Greenville neighborhood, provided Storyful with the Video surveillance footage showing the teenager entering, talking to employees and customer Alease Scott, and leaving the baby with Scott.

Walter A Cocca, Scott’s boyfriend, broadcast live the incident, and was incredulous.

Cocca can be heard in the video explaining what happened.

“I’m at my neighborhood restaurant with my special friend and a lady walks in and hands her a baby, apparently a newborn, and runs out,” Cocca says in the video.

the Video surveillance footage shows the teenager approaching the counter and then sitting down with the baby wrapped in a brown cloth. Scott can be seen walking towards the girl.

In one tracking video the couple, Scott, who is trained in first aid and CPR, said she asked if she could check the baby’s vital signs and noticed the baby needed oxygen. Scott said they had to call 911, and the mother left the restaurant, leaving the newborn with her.

First responders quickly introduced themselves and began questioning the couple about the mother’s plight. They also gave Scott oxygen to administer to the child, who started crying shortly after.

According to local reports, the teenage mother was found and Cocca posted a screenshot with an update from Detective Joe Chidichimo of Jersey City, informing them that the baby is “perfectly healthy” and that the mother is fine too.

The little girl will be put up for adoption, and at this point the 14-year-old does not face charges, according to local reports.

Storyful has contacted the Jersey City PD but has not received a response at the time of posting. Credit: El Patron – Jersey City via Storyful



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