CC’s Low Carb Kitchen in Louisville Will Require Proof of Vaccination



CC’s Low Carb Kitchen restaurant in downtown Louisville will require proof of vaccination record starting August 11.

The restaurant at 800 S. Fourth St. announced its new policy on Facebook on Thursday, stating that customers will be required to show proof of vaccination for food service.

“Exceptions will be made for those who are too young to receive a vaccine,” read the message. “Proof can simply be a photo of your vaccination card. All ticketing and reservation systems are being changed to meet this requirement, so you can send proof by text or email prior to your arrival. ”

Unvaccinated guests are invited to dine on the outdoor patio, the message continues.

Employees at restaurants around Louisville have resumed wearing masks in recent weeks, but few are in need of masks or vaccines for their customers.

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Health officials announced last month that the delta variant is already the dominant strain of COVID-19 in Louisville. Kentucky reported 2,217 new cases of COVID-19 and the state’s positivity rate of 10.27% on Thursday. Jefferson County is in the red zone again, and many chain stores – like Kroger, Walmart and Target – are responding to the further increase in cases by requiring or encouraging masks among employees and customers.

So how do you prove that you are vaccinated? In addition to taking your COVID-19 vaccination record with you everywhere, which could make you fear losing your record, here are some other ways to prove your vaccination status:

Take a picture of your COVID-19 vaccination card

Man wearing a cloth mask, standing along a busy street, holding a COVID-19 vaccination card and giving a thumbs up

Seriously, this is it. If you go this route, consider placing it in a hidden album so that it cannot be viewed from your library. It also avoids the embarrassing scenario of having to scroll through the chasm of your filmstrip to pull out your vaccine card.

On an iPhone, after taking a photo of your card, go to the Share button on Photos, then select Hide. The image will be placed in a hidden album which you can find by tapping Albums and then scrolling to Utilities.

If you’re using a Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you can create locked folders to store your COVID-19 vaccination card.

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Scan your COVID-19 vaccination card on your smartphone

If you’re using an iPhone, scanning your COVID-19 card using the Notes app adds a bit more security. To do this, start a new note and then tap the camera. Go down to Scan Document and add your card with the integrated scanner. You can then choose to lock it with a password. Each time you tap the note, you will be asked to enter a password to display.

Download the COVID-19 vaccine status app

Some state governments have launched apps where users can access their immunization card information.

There are also other digital options. In June, Walmart announced that it would provide access to COVID-19 digital recordings through Walmart and Sam’s Club accounts.

Additionally, if you have an Android device running Android operating system 5 or later, you can store your vaccination card as a pass.

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Meanwhile, the VaxYes service allows users to add their vaccination card information and turn it into a digital passport that can be added to wallets on Google Pay or Apple Wallet. The company claims all data is encrypted and its service complies with HIPAA, which governs how healthcare professionals should store and protect your data.

USA Today reporter Brent Molina contributed to this report. Dahlia Ghabour: [email protected]; Twitter: @dghabour.



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