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California now has the lowest coronavirus case rate in the country, and that’s a cause for celebration, especially for stores and restaurants that are starting to see a rush of customers.

“We have seen a huge increase in foot traffic in all of our stores,” said Louisa Jackson, one of the owners of Earth’s Elements.

The Encinitas store sells spiritual products like healing crystals and essential oils.

“We just saw a group of new customers wanting to try the crystals and just try new products that will make them feel better,” Jackson said.

Business has been so good at Jackson’s six stores, she told NBC 7 on Tuesday, that they opened a seventh store, in Hillcrest, recently.

“It was a total surprise for us,” Jackson said. “We never planned to have a booming business in a pandemic.”

Next door at Bliss 101, the cash register was busy as locals and tourists ventured out to taste the freedom from COVID-19.

“We are delighted that things are slackening off and heading in the right direction,” said Bliss 101 owner Malia Bolen.

One of the reasons for the rebound is that more people are being vaccinated, and another part is the fact that coronavirus cases are down 34% from where they were just two weeks ago.

“The things that loosen up help tremendously and we look forward to the future,” said Bolen. The future definitely looks brighter and brighter. “



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