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TSYS credit card processing company, one of the largest companies of its kind in the United States, suffered a breakdown on Saturday night. Its system was unable to process transactions, according to one of its clients, Shift4 Payments.

The outage impacted payment providers and customers, according to the company. The Triangle businesses were unable to accept credit card payments on Saturday evening.

About three hours after identifying the outage, Shift4 reported that the payments had been successfully processed through TSYS ‘platform.

“While Shift4 did not cause tonight’s processing failure, we will remedy it and compensate all of our customers for the loss of revenue,” the company wrote on Twitter. “We will always do good for our customers.”

Michael Collins, manager of Abbey Road Tavern and Grill in Cary, said their business had been affected by the blackout for about three hours. Kotuku Surf Club, a bar in downtown Durham, was forced to close early Saturday night due to issues processing credit card payments.

“It definitely took us by surprise,” Collins said. “Unfortunately, this caused a few walkouts from customers who had no other way to pay. We quickly put up a ‘Cash only’ sign on the door. But it certainly hurt Saturday sales.”

WRAL viewers say they had problems paying with their card during the Durham Bulls game on Saturday night.

In Las Vegas, KSNV News reports that the Allegiant Stadium was having payment processing issues during WWE’s Summer Slam.

Restaurants in Rocky Mount, Dunn, Clayton and Greenville all had payment processing issues. Wayne Peede, who worked at the Buggys Bar in Greenville on Saturday night, said the bar had to write down credit card numbers. Others say they had payment issues on Saturday night at the Greenville Mall.

It is not yet known what caused the outage.



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