BREAK: EPCOT’s Space 220 restaurant posts seven vacancies, could finally open soon



It’s been a few months since we saw vacancies for the upcoming Space 220 restaurant at EPCOT. Patina Restaurant Group, the restaurant owners, just posted seven new positions at Indeed.

Job postings can be a sign that the restaurant is preparing for an opening. The often-delayed opening was originally scheduled for winter 2019. It looked like Space 220 could open in April 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic halted progress. The restaurant’s status is currently listed as “to come”.

The Patina Restaurant Group describes the positions at Espace 220 as follows:

Restaurant cashier

  • Work with dining, service and kitchen staff to keep track of all orders, currency situations, and fees.
  • Validate payment methods, complete transactions, provide documentation and receipts, and distribute the correct amount of change if needed.
  • Count the money in the cash drawers at the start of shifts to ensure the amounts are correct and that adequate change is available.
  • Analyze items and ensure prices are correct or resolve amount discrepancies; take money in the form of cash, credit card, check or gift card and process accordingly.
  • Clean the payment area and stay organized; Keep receipt paper and other stationery stored.
  • Maintain precise tabs on orders for each restaurant table using the location’s primary point of sale system.
  • Answer customer questions and find a manager if the answer doesn’t solve the problem.


  • Review the floor plan and reservation book daily; creates a seating plan.
  • Configures the host station according to the checklist.
  • Welcomes guests and sits them at tables or in waiting rooms.
  • Seats the guests according to the seating plan, server rotation and customer preferences and offers customers menus.
  • Maintains control of seats and waiting times.
  • Cleans and maintains the host station; contributes to the cleanliness of the dining room and the bar.
  • Inspects food and service areas to ensure cleanliness and proper layout.
  • Answer all customer questions regarding service and provide general support to customers and employees.
  • Speaks with customers to ensure food and service satisfaction, responds to complaints and notifies management, and thanks customers when they leave.
  • Answer the restaurant’s phone line during assigned hours of operation.


  • Greets customers, provides menus, clearly communicates restaurant specialties, answers questions about menu items, collects food and beverage orders, serves ordered items, and responds to customer needs throughout their visit.
  • Enter orders accurately into the POS system so kitchen staff can prepare food and bar staff can prepare drinks as needed.
  • Serves alcoholic beverages responsibly, requires identification, and adheres to all liquor service policies and procedures.
  • Prepares and delivers the check to the guests at the table and accepts and processes the payment.
  • Collaborate with other restaurant servers and kitchen and bar staff.
  • Perform opening, closing, cleaning and side-work duties as assigned.
  • Ensures that all equipment and workspaces are clean, disinfected, organized and functioning properly.


  • Receives beverage orders from customers or servers, mixes and serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to customers following standard recipes and using proportions standardized by the company; serves wine and bottled beer or draws draft beer.
  • Serves alcoholic beverages responsibly, requests identification, and adheres to all unit and company alcohol service policies and procedures.
  • Enters beverage orders into cash register, collects payment from customers for beverages served and makes correct change.
  • Accurately complete sales and inventory reports.
  • Maintains bar stock by ordering or requisitioning liquors, drinks, condiments and supplies.
  • Cleans and stores bar equipment and bar stock.
  • Performs opening, closing and side work duties as assigned.


  • Check in with management on arrival for day-to-day duties and shift assignments.
  • Attend a pre-shift briefing, taking note of relevant information including service, food and drink, and guest ratings.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the dining room, including all equipment, utensils, tables, chairs, gas stations, floors and windows.
  • Remove dirty dishes, silverware, and empty glasses from guest tables between courses and after guests have left. Return dirty dishes, silverware, glassware and linen to the dishwashing area, sorting them appropriately and placing them in the area designated for proper disposal.
  • Reset tables once guests leave as per floor plan or management’s instructions.
  • Remove and empty garbage cans as needed.
  • Help count china, glass, silver and linen.

Food runner

  • Attend the pre-shift briefing, taking note of relevant information including service planning, organization, food and beverage, guest notes, etc.
  • Get food from the kitchen to the customer as quickly as possible by receiving food ticket orders, sorting them in the kitchens, and letting waiters know when the dishes are done.
  • Can assemble certain foods and ensure toppings are placed on foods before they go out.
  • Coordinate with chef and kitchen staff to ensure timely food preparation and delivery.
  • Perform any service required at the table, which may include taking orders, delivering and explaining the menu to customers, etc.
  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of all menu items, ingredients and preparations; be able to identify menu items and ingredients by their appearance.
  • Assist captains and back-end waiters with course presentation, explaining relevant menu items if missed
  • Communicate effectively with guests, colleagues and management.
  • Be able to accomplish the opening, middle and closing tasks described by management.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and organization of the kitchen and dining room at all times.
  • Help count china, glass, silver and linen.


  • Help with the training and supervision of other team members.
  • Prepares food to specifications before and during unit operations.
  • Correctly measures and distributes all food. Meets all portion sizes, quality standards, service rules, policies and procedures.
  • Uses kitchen equipment to prepare foods such as: knives, slicers, whisks, pots, pans, warmers, steamers, grills, ovens, etc.
  • Ensures food temperature is maintained and food is stored properly.
  • Ensures the freshness and quality of all menu items and packages all products to proper specifications.
  • Performs opening, closing and side work tasks as instructed and under appropriate guidelines.
  • Keeps the workstation, coolers and equipment clean, organized, sanitized and sufficiently stocked.
  • Follows and complies with all health codes and sanitation regulations.
  • Uses waste control guidelines and records all waste on a spoilage sheet.
  • Perform end-of-day inventory and other open / close tasks in accordance with company checklists and procedures.
  • Performs other assigned duties.

Space 220 will feature futuristic-style lounge seating. Customers will see Earth 220 miles above the planet.

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