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Some of the dishes that will be served at Mama Fla, a new Italian restaurant that will open at 385 River Parkway in Idaho Falls next month. | Facebook

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Local couple prepare to serve authentic Italian cuisine to customers in eastern Idaho

Logo for the opening of Mama Fla in Idaho Falls at the end of June. | Facebook

IDAHO FALLS – A new restaurant offering authentic Italian cuisine will soon be opening in Idaho Falls.

Mama Fla Authentic Italian Cuisine opens at the end of June at 385 River Parkway, next to the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Marco Assirelli and his wife, Flaminia, are the owners. Marco tells that the company will provide a casual dining experience with a variety of pasta dishes prepared daily.

Some of these dishes include fettuccine, linguine, lasagna, and rigatoni with different types of sauces. Also on the menu is risotto, a rice dish from northern Italy cooked with broth and served with a creamy consistency with mushrooms, sausages and bacon.

“It’s real Italian cuisine based mainly around Rome. The lasagna comes from Bologna (in the north of Italy) and the risotto from the north-west of Italy, ”says Marco.

The restaurant will be open to everyone, but will cater primarily to those walking along the Greenbelt. Take-out and dining options will also be available for guests.

The Assirellis are originally from Rome and moved to Idaho Falls less than two years ago. Marco works for a company called Sensor Medica, an international company that manufactures sensors for analyzing door and body movement. They moved to Idaho Falls to open a US branch in 2019.

Marco says he and his wife owned a more elegant version of his restaurant in Rome five years ago and wanted to open one in Idaho Falls as there are no other Italian dining establishments around.

“You have to go to Salt Lake to find Italians who cook Italian food,” he says. “My wife has a passion for cooking and cooking, so she was thinking (offering catering services). Then we found a nice place and said to ourselves, “Let’s open a restaurant”. “

For the past two years, Flaminia and her husband have hosted parties at their house and cooked Italian dishes. Flaminia says all of her friends encouraged her to open a restaurant after tasting her food.

“They asked me, ‘Why haven’t you opened a restaurant? You are great! You have to open an authentic Italian restaurant here in Idaho Falls “… and I decided (it was a great) opportunity,” says Flaminia.

Flaminia will be the heart of the restaurant, says Marco, and the word “Fla” ​​in Mama Fla is an abbreviation of her name.

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The Assirellis started selling their food at the Idaho Falls Farmers Market last weekend. Each item quickly sold out and they are preparing even more for this weekend. They invite you to come and see them.

“It’s the only red booth and it’s the first (coming) from Broadway, so it’s very visible,” says Marco.

A grand restaurant opening is underway once the renovation of the current building is completed. Visit the Facebook page for more information.


Pocatello employment agency sees massive increase in placement

POCATELLO – Gem State Staffing, based in Pocatello, is under new management and is pleased to announce several new faces. James Baxter is the new branch manager and Colin Wolf is the deputy manager. The two bring a combined 40 years of experience in the staffing industry and were instrumental in increasing employee hiring by 35% and negotiating competitive salaries last year.

Staffing companies have played a vital role in helping those who have been laid off or laid off during the pandemic to return to work safely. Several states are now starting to eliminate unemployment benefits to help people return to work and support businesses and their employees, according to a press release from Gem State.

New McDonald’s under construction in Blackfoot

BLACKFOOT – Parkway Drive in Blackfoot is a McFlurry of activity with reports of several new businesses moving to this area. One of them is McDonald’s. The current building was recently demolished and is being replaced by a new one which is expected to be completed in September. Owner-operator Trent Cichos told the new store will be a bit larger and will have two-lane drive-thru, an indoor play area and limited outdoor seating. The building is under construction at 1275 Parkway Drive.

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Non-profit thrift store opening new residential campus for children

IDAHO FALLS – A local thrift store that offers a variety of services for children and their families is expanding its reach in Idaho. Idaho Youth Ranch is inaugurating a new residential center for healing and resilience at 28371 El Paso Road in Caldwell. The facility will serve more than 100 children per year and will include a year-round school with 64 beds and a gymnasium. It will be a long-term residential facility for vulnerable Idaho children who would otherwise be sent out of state. The inauguration ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 13. Construction will take around 18 months and is expected to be completed at the end of 2022.


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