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ALLENHURST, NJ, May 14, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Restaurants around the Tri-State Area are finally returning to normal as most COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted next week. In a joint statement, the governors of new York, New Jersey, and Connecticut lifted the ban on seats and buffets at bar and other self-service restaurants on May 7; capacity limits for indoor and outdoor dining will be eliminated on May 19. Despite the gradual change, restaurateurs are wary as the search for personnel has remained a concern. Before the announcement, Richard santore, Vice President of Bielat Santore & Company, spoke with the owner of several restaurants and president of the New Jersey Restaurant Association, Marilyn Schlossbach, who pointed out that the lack of personnel has become the main obstacle in the restaurant industry.

“We did it; we’re still here,” Schlossbach boasted, referring to his six companies still surviving after the hurdles of the final year of the pandemic. Schlossbach owns and operates Langosta Lounge, Pop’s Garage, Asbury Park Yacht Club and Saltwater Market in Asbury Park; White chapel project in Long branch; and Tini’s Fish House at Normandy beach – which should open this month for the season. “Anyone who’s still operating after all of this, give yourself a pat on the back because it’s been a tough race,” she praised. When Santore met with the humanitarian following the mandatory statewide shutdowns last year, Schlossbach was optimistic his businesses would fare better than ever, but these days- Here she has some concerns. “It’s not a fun place to be a business owner or a human being,” Schlossbach said, admitting that it was difficult to provide customers with the same quality customer service they are used to. “Most of the staff worked 50 hours a week in three days,” Schlossbach said. “How are we going to continue like this if it isn’t even May and people are working like that.”

The state’s restaurateurs face the same problem with the lack of employees, blaming the multiple rounds of Paycheck Protection Program (P3) loans as the reason workers are reluctant to return. “There is no incentive for people to return to work,” Schlossbach said. “They should have found a better solution, [an] ready-made plan for this stimulant for people. Appreciating the support of other businesses and loyal customers, Schlossbach revealed that she received a grant from the delivery service, DoorDash, and generous contributions to one of her sites from a dedicated couple who frequent Langosta Lounge. . “The perception of me and my business is that we have a lot when [in actuality] I am a woman who owns it all, ”Schlossbach said. We’re just very aggressive to move forward, and we’re doing whatever it takes to keep going. “

Schlossbach tried to maintain some normalcy in its businesses last year, including continuing to offer live music. “We need this passion to keep going; it’s not just the money,” Schlossbach said. “I would take the passion over the money any day.” Being able to enjoy live entertainment has been a savior for customers seeking relief from the news. “As long as we cover the costs and the musicians can play, it makes people feel good, and for me that’s the most important thing to remember,” Schlossbach said. “It’s really hard to feel good when you’re going through this.”

Although the world is not out of the woods just yet, Schlossbach is shocked that the Covid-19 pandemic has lasted this long. “Looking back at it all, I still feel like I’m in a surreal movie that we’re still experiencing at Covid over a year later,” Schlossbach said. Forced to cut back on his usually busy lifestyle encouraged a new outlook for the restaurateur. “I don’t want so much anymore,” Schlossbach explained, declaring his desire to venture out of the country. “Perhaps [I’ll] make a retreat center with cooking and surfing or something more like the lifestyle I want to retire and the one I long for. “

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