Be ready to show your Covid vaccine certificate once restaurants in Delhi reopen


For all foodies, Covid has caused a temporary halt to dining out, as restaurants in the nation’s capital are currently only allowed to open for takeout.

But once the Delhi government gives the green signal for restaurants to reopen, customers will have to show their vaccination certificates before entering, as most restaurateurs plan to make vaccination certificates essential for eating.

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Restaurateur Dinesh Arora told India Today: “Delhi government has not given restaurants a green signal to reopen so far. But once we receive this order, we will ask customers to show their certificates. vaccination. Many European countries follow this rule. Even if the government does not make it compulsory, we will do it in all our points of sale because we want to ensure the safety of customers.”

The hospitality sector has been among the hardest hit by the pandemic. Restaurant owners spare no effort to attract customers and safety is their priority, both for their staff and their customers.

Restaurateur Rahul Singh believes that for the sector to recover, restaurants will have to follow all the rules and take the right measures. Otherwise, customers will continue to turn away.

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He said: “The need of the hour is for us to make the customer feel safe. Once customers feel safe, they will start visiting again. We restaurant owners have been conducting meetings internal and believe that vaccines are the best defense we have against the virus.Even if the government does not mandate the production of certificates, we will do so voluntarily.


For restaurateurs, it is important not only to make the environment safe for customers but also for their staff.

Priyanka Malhotra, manager of Cafe Turtle in Kahn Market, told India Today: “It would be wise and prudent to follow all safety protocols, be it double masking, temperature checks, social distancing and, most importantly, vaccination.As people go out and try to have a semblance of “pre-Covid life”, we must keep the above in mind for the safety of everyone – customers, employees, employees of service, etc. Therefore, we believe it is a good decision to check the vaccination certificates of all guests.”

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Priyanka stressed that it is important to allow cafes and restaurants to open as they can maintain social distancing.

“Outdoor seating should be allowed in places like Khan Market to keep customers safe. It would be a safe and viable option to allow the use of shop balconies as well. We need to find new and innovative ways to live with the presence of this virus,” she said.

A report on the impact of Covid on the sector published by the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) in October 2021 said that one in four restaurants in the country had closed due to the pandemic and about 23 lakh of people had lost their jobs. due to the closure of many joints.


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